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  1. bstweart after you wrote the thread about your friend rip:( i remembered my friend that i never mentioned

    Nasser played guitar for about 4 or 5 years the first guy ever to tell me anything about playing guitar no one ever helped me except for him.

    he is 19 went to study in Cyprus last year and came this summer for vication a month a go anyways he went fishing with farouq who was a roller blader in a saudi team and 2 other guys that i dont really know, on the way the flipped over with the car he passed away;( and this other guy i didnt know and farouq went to the hospital for 2 weeks

    i was surprised he was the first friend i know to pass away

    he played in a band called SIF

    check them out on myspace its a deathmetal band from bahrain
    he played in other bands but that was the only band i've jammed with and liked

    Rip bro

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