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  1. not sure anyone will care but today while i was at work my cat apparently walked into the kitchen and dropped dead he was probably the coolest cat ever and would even follow me around the block when i was walking the dog and stuff. they checked him out at the vets tonight and apparently he had an annurism and basically dropped dead like a heart attack he was only 6 this blunts for you Peach Pit RIP [​IMG]
  2. Damn, I'm sorry man... :( I too will smoke a bowl for Peach Pit.
  3. cats are cool as hell. ill hit the bong for you n the cat, as well as give my cat a belly rub rub.

    man it seems like i just got jeva vu...seems like a lot of lost cats at GC lately or maybe im just alittle to high
  4. thanks like honestly im so confused right now and shit idk i was goin to work and let him in and was like see you when i get home in a few hours gave him some treats then at work my sister calls me up freaking out crying saying hes dead..........
  5. sorry man, i'll smoke a fat, sticky bowl for peach tonite. :wave:
  6. in 6 days when my TB wraps up i'll smoke a fat bowl... for my own selfish reasons, of course, but in peach's honour.
  7. I'm so sorry! 6 is very very young for a cat to go :( I've lost a few kitties in my time, but remember you always have your memories :)
  8. I'm smoking a fat as bowl for your cat bro. I love cats...
  9. My heart goes out to you....

    There are few things in life that are worse than losing a close pet.
  10. I feel you, I have a 13 year old golden labador retriever and he has cancer in his nose and has maybe a week or 2 left to live. Really sad. I'll drink for your cat man, I got 2 and they're awesome.
  11. sorry about your dog i have a golden retriever hes like 7 as much as i loved my cat if my dog died im not even sure i would be able to function for a day or two he is like my shadow around here im kind of glad it happend in my house rather then out in the woods behind my house and me never knowing what happend to him though i guess thats one positive thing to look at :( thanks for the support though guys
  12. aw man , that sucks
    i dread the day my cat dies
  13. Yeah I love cats too. I am very sorry about your cat. :(
  14. When I was young, I got home from school with my mom and my cat was just throwin up and gagging and shit in the corner so we rushed him to the VET and he was dead by morning. They never found out a reason for his death. Shit sucks, i know
  15. Losing a pet is never an easy thing, though, there is always the next one to look forward too. :)
  16. Sorry to hear Homie. He went to a better place, and I know the pain. I hope you have a good recovery. These next lines that I do tonight are for you.
  17. I'm sorry for you loss man, I can DEFINITELY relate to how your feeling right now...:(
  18. Sorry to hear it man... I dunno if this will be of any comfort, but anyuerisms (sp?) are pretty quick, so your kitty didn't suffer too much, if at all. Still sucks though.... RIP Peach... :(
  19. Im so sorry dude, just remember the good times wiht him, RIP PEACH!

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