RIP to an old friend

Discussion in 'General' started by Dan Gleesac, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Today my oldiest friend died.....

    Her name was cocoa and she was a chocolate lab ive known here since i was 3 years old..... she lived to the ripe old age of 16....she was the best dog ive ever known and i will miss her dearly......
    these are the only pictures i have of phones really come in handy...

    (this picture has some weird camera effect?)
  2. pretty dog bro.Sry for your loss.This next one is for cocoa.
  3. hey man im sorry about cho dog. shit happens, and i know she was probably in pain so its good that she is in a better place.
  4. Sorry for your loss man. I cant wait till I get my own dog
  5. My dog looks so much like that, he's 12 but he's doing very well, i love dogs
  6. that first picture was taken somewhere around the age of 12 i think
  7. Sorry man, Its weird cause my first dog was a chocolate lab named cocoa too :eek:
  8. I empathize for you. My family lost 2 dogs in the last two months to old age and complications. It is never an easy thing to deal with. The pain might be there for awhile, but the memories last forever.

    Sorry about your loss. I will toke a bowl for you and Cocoa after work.
  9. 16 years old, I hope all of those years were wonderful for her. I know what it feels like to lose a dog. When my parents divorced we had to get rid of our dog because it was just too much of a problem (because of moving, extra stress, etc..). RIP Cocoa.
  10. My condolences. It's always a shame to see a good dog go.
  11. im sorry man shit like this tends to hit me harder then when people die call me insensitive but i just know the bond between a man and his dog friends and shit will stab you in the back but a dog is probably the most loyal person or friend i have ever had in my life
  12. Sorry dude.

    I have a dog that looks just like that.
  13. Dan, I'm sending out some good vibes out to you, dude. Hopefully, this period won't hurt too bad, though we all know how it feels to lose a pet. Especially one who's been with you since childhood.

    Heal easy, man. Smokin' this jay for you.
  14. Fuck man, I feel your pain. Sending some love your way as well.

    Labs are such amazing dogs. They really display emotion so amazingly. Cocoa was a real cute choc lab.

    Sorry for your loss man, really.
  15. thank you all for your kind real bummed but im just gonna have to move gonna smoke a couple bowls in honor of my doggy later on tonight
  16. Ah man, that's tough. I'm so sorry to hear about it. I went through the same thing less than a month ago. =(
  17. Awe man I know where your coming from. A mans pet is his best friend. The next time I smoke I'll do it for your lost one man.
  18. oh man it really hit home this morning that shes gone:( i went into the kitchen to get some breakfast and i noticed that her bowls were gone:eek: then i remembered that she got put to sleep yesterday:(:(:(:(:(:(
  19. Man that sucks. I just found out quite horribly the other day that my childhood dog from my grandparents house died recently:( She was a chocolate lab to coincidentally. We named her Snippet. Man I loved that dog. My gpa took it to his sons house(my step gpa, just might as well be my gpa, his son has no relation) because it kept diggin holes in the yard. I'm 18 now, and probably got her when I was about 4. It sucked never gettin to see her but every now and then, but it made me so happy cause even if I only saw her once a year, she'd still remember me:) Aah, memories.

    RIP. Cocoa
  20. I'm sorry to hear about your dog Cocoa...(beautiful dog btw..)
    I dont know what else to say..when i hear such stuff i freak out in the idea of my dog being in that place... just I'm sorry for your loss

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