RIP Pakelika

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  1. Kottonmouth Kings -- Pakelika DEAD |

  2. Damn bro I guess that there aren't very many Pakelika fans on GC.

    Rest In Peace Pak:smoke:
  3. Wow that sucks I've smoked with him at a few shows he was always down to pak :(
  4. Damn you met Pak and smoked with him? Was he cool? What was that experience like?
  5. [quote name='"J_Dawg"']

    Damn you met Pak and smoked with him? Was he cool? What was that experience like?[/quote]

    First time was probably the best it was when saint was still in the group and they were on the royal highness tour..they played at some warehouse with no name with like 6 other bands..I got to smoke a blunt with d loc and saint in the parking lot waiting for them to play..well they finally went on at like 1am and everyone had left except maybe 30 ppl and they were all so drunk they couldnt remember half of their lines..they also took requests lol and I got them to play dirt slang..well the whole show pak just kept sparking joints and me and a few ppl were just jamming out and smoking down

    Next time I smoked with all of them at the same time when they were signing autographs and the third I smoked some shit I grew with him and Lou dog at the merch booth and they said my shit was killer so I was pretty hyped about that :)

    Saw kmk around 10 times..went to all the house of blues Chicago shows for 5 yrs in a row from like 99 to 04..and yea pak was cool him and lou dog were the least stuck up and would always smoke down if ya ran into them..good times
  6. Dude...I am so jealous! So the rest of KMK's stuck up though? That shit sucks.
  7. I don't know about stuck up but d loc and richter blew me off when I tried taking to them but they probably got bugged more than pak or lou

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