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Rip off or Normal?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Weedy Wonka, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. So I live in central pa and have had varying qualities of bud. From the guidelines of this site, I would say one of my dealers has mids 95% of the time. I usually get an 8th and pay $40 for it. Recently have been in contact with a new dealer and they are asking $50. Its definitely not the best I've had but is that price too high or is that normal.
  2. that's pretty normal for an 8th
    Is it better than your normal hookup?
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  3. I pay 35 an 1/8 for loud. Somewhat of a great deal while others sell for 45 50
    What kind of mids. Like Reggie almost? Does it smell dank?
  4. Really just depends on your local market. Friendly prices were around $30 for an 1/8 in Oregon before it became legal. Now you see as low as $60 oz in stores you can just walk into, pick, buy, and walk out on your way home from the grocery store.
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  5. The high is similar but I wouldnt say much better or much worse.

    Smell is kinda eh but ive smelled better. Feels pretty dry, not real sticky at all.
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  6. If the quality is like that, man, then honestly I would say no, it's not worth $50 1/8th. I would recommend talking it out with your dude and explaining that the quality does not merit the price and give a try at haggling him towards something more reasonable. I feel like when you hit the $50 1/8th mark (which I used to pay all the time but now see how fucking ridiculous that all was now that Washington is legal) , there has to be a standard of quality, and it should be dank as fuck for lack of a better term. If talking with him does not work, I would honestly start looking for a better hookup. Hope it all works out!

  7. We're completely on the same page then. I'm not tryna fuck with him for longer than I have to. He wont budge at all though.
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  8. Yeah, in that case, he can fuck off. I guarantee you can find a 10x better hookup quality and price-wise than this and look back and laugh.

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  9. Got this for 120 a zip. I did get a good deal on it usually charges 170. It's called yogurt
    But on oz of some smelly loud I get for 220. I remember selling half oz for that price in 09 lol loud goes usually 265 to 300 depending on the person and connect. I stay out now of Chicago
    Hope you find your "Saul" weed man IMG_20171207_193827.jpg
  10. I'm just gonna grow my own. Gonna have the house to myself in a few months
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  11. Not that hard to start. Have a seedling about to sprout.
    Friend gave me a Plant to trim and hang and I kept the seeds I found which were 8 of em. Got it going in my space bucket right now. Just revamped it and installed a lil 50mm intake and a 80mm exhaust fan like 10 mins ago. 11w 5000k led bulb with 40% diffuser left on
    Lil pic thru the fan IMG_20171207_201503.jpg
    Just a side project grow starter bucket.
    Have about 4 girls close to harvest so I have no other space lol. I've built my own veg and flower lights on the low end. Nothing like growing some dope. Can get addictive.
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  12. When you live in an illegal state 50 an 1/8th isn't robbery but it isn't the best price unless it's killer. I bought a lot of weed in several states in the late 90's. Oregon always had the best prices. You could get a 1/4 for 50 in Oregon when I was paying 40 an 1/8th in Washington. This is generally for high quality but back in the illegal days everyone would tell you it was high quality like you were some kind of dumbass and couldn't tell.

    It used to piss me off when someone would hook me up and hand me a bag. I'd look at it and clearly it was just okay and they would go on to rave about how awesome it was. I felt like saying, "I know what killer bud is and this isn't it." The shit we delt with in the illegal days... but it was fun.
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  13. That's a little more advanced of a set up than I'm doing. I just have about 8 cfls for veg, a 400w hps for flowering and a few fans. Should be decent af though.

    Yeah they're trying to pull that bs with me but I'm not going for it. 50 for 8th of mids is just greedy.
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  14. Really killer weed has been $50 an 1/8th range since the mid 90's in so cal. If you had the chronic like Dr. Dre.

    I would expect with all the legal states around the price to drop. Then again people made half as much in the 90's and for top shelf the price hasn't moved much.
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  15. Yeah running them 8 CFLs probably get as hot as the 400w hps
    Ever thought about upgrading your veg light? Or led bulbs instead of CFLs
  16. I sell mine to only close friends for $10 a gram. I like giving people I know a deal since I have enough to go around. That is really good deal around these parts. About half price of top shelf at the dispensaries.
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  17. QB120's are back in stock at amazon. 4 packs for $125. If you bought one right now later on you would think it was one of the best $125 you ever spent I can almost guarantee you.

    That's what I veg with.
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  18. My other nickname is the thread hijacker. I somehow always steer the conversation to quantum boards... lol.
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  19. All my CFLs r packed away for an emergency case.
    Qb led lights are the way to go! perfect for veg! Perfect recommendation
    I use a diy wannabe version of one for veg in my 2x2
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  20. I bought them a little ago while I had money to spend. Rn I'm short on cash or I would go for leds. I'll eventually get my whole set up optimized.
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