Rip james anderson

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  1. us white folk really suck.
  2. [ame=]Video: Caught On Tape: 7 White Teens Drive To A Hood, Brutally Beat Down & Run Over The 1st Black Victim With A Pickup Truck They Can Find![/ame]
  3. Man that kid is going to get an ASSFULL in prison if you catch my drift
  4. So this is what white kids do for fun nowadays
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    Get out da way bitch..but in all seriousness that white kid is fucked in prison literally and metaphorically.
  6. You know , usually I'm against prison and all that. But this kid I dont feel remorse for , I hope he goes away for a long time
  7. That's pretty fucked up. Kid looks pretty crazy though, maybe forty years of constant rape will change that.
  8. he'll most likely be recruited by the aryan brothers or what ever neo nazi group. either way hes fucked because they all fuck each other.
  9. that little punk bitch is perfect jail bait..

    James Craig Anderson....
  10. he must be mad that his mom takes all those black cocks.
  11. Don't lockup stoners, lock up REAL criminals like THIS kid! aweful!!! rest in peace James :(
  12. Damn that kid is a real piece of shit. "I ran that ****** over" Jesus.

    And you know they had to single out an older black man because they are just that fucking cowardly. I'd love to see these little pricks roll up on some black gang members.:rolleyes:
  13. who the fuck does shit like that? and of course it was some little incest born redneck kid running over black guys in a pick up truck lol

  14. seems you answered your own question ;)
  15. [ame][/ame]

    but in all serious,I can't believe we have race crimes in 2011.Fuckin shocking,but maybe it's cuz I'm from the city up north
  16. What's with the tags on the thread?
  17. Out of 7 teens only 2 have been charged?
  18. the kid will probably end up hanging himself in jail anyway lol.

  19. well, two were girls that didn't get out of the 3 of them may have been minors or there wasnt sufficient evidence that they were physically involved? I only saw 2 of em on that video I believe...

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