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    So I'm sure most of you guys heard about Abraham Biggs who committed suicide yesterday on his web show thing. He posted on forum.bodybuilding that he was going to OD but no one took him seriously because of his previous trolling. He was 19.
    EDIT: for all you late comers threads have been closed but there's a news article thanks to Bank404. His death has been confirmed.
    video of the police coming in
    Cliff Notes:
    EDIT:Thank you fvaambush

    Anyway after reading some threads on that forum in addition to 4chan I am very proud to be a member of GC and love every one of you blades.

    Some comments posted if you didn't see 4chan before it was deleted. I try to stay away from /b/ because of this but seriously? He died only a few hours ago:
    "HA HA HA HA one less ***** on the street motherfucker HA HA HA"

    "I drop some pills and chill back
    There's no need to cry, I'm black
    All the KFC in the world will not save me from by demise
    God I wish I could get more chicken with fries
    But now I'm starting to get drowsy.. it's black
    I'm cool, I'm dying, just like Tupac
    As the colour of the world starts to drain
    I think of all the bags I robbed on the train
    Now, quick, everyone watch me on cam
    Cops come in, start throwing stuff at me LIKE BAM
    Its over its done
    Now its time for Anon to have their fun

    My death will always be mysterious
    pills down, lights out, why so serious?"

    "One less beat thumpin, greasy haired, jungle bunny we have to support his kids.

    We should exalt this ******, he accomplished what so many ******s fail."

    "Fuck the police, guy should have called the ******'s neighbour to place a KFC bucket under his dead hand."

    RIP Abraham Biggs
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    :/ people suck.

    Edit: i read this in his suicide note :
    "I love you all and will forever live within the memories we created."
    and cried for the memory of my grandfather. hard.
  3. People are just hgue assholes
  4. it's always a sad thing:(

    shoulda let it die on 4chan..those assholes don't need any publicity.
  5. Some of the comments on that thread make me hate humanity.. How can they be so selfish?
  6. That bodybuilding thread can get pretty harsh. Damn.
    It's really sad what happened.
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    damn all those people were popin off now tried to delete their post and shit.
    Fuckin A

    RIP:( very sad fuckin day
  8. I've seen similar threads on GC and have felt suicidal myself several times. It's nothing to be taking lightly. But so many people try to go to such extremes to get attention that it becomes impossible (this proves) to tell when someone is crying wolf. Try to help those in need. If you ain't got nothing nice to say then don't say nothing.
  9. Wow... that last pic looked familiar. I used to be a regular poster in the Misc, and still view it everyday, but I don't post as much now.. but I recognized that last pic. And then I looked at the thread, and sure enuff, CandyJunkie. I've seen dude post on there numerous time. Crazy shit & RIP.
  10. fucking 4chan man, i hate that shit.

    RIP though, don't know much about him but damn people are fucking assholes
  11. Damn man. I like how everyone who was a dickhead tried to delete their posts after they realized he was serious. Fucking idiots.

    RIP guy.

    He looked like he'd have been cool to hang out with.

  12. His suicide note was copied and pasted from another site, it wasn't original.

    But I guess the idea of copy and pasting a suicide note is original, so in the end he was a pioneer of suicide.

    Whoever wrote that rap has skills though, you gotta admit.
  13. So does anybody no why he did it????????/:eek:
  14. I missed something, didnt I?
  15. I'm sorry but I am having major dejavu about this and can't figure out why.

    I stayed out of the other thread, but I read this one. I am so sorry for this person and his family and friends. I wish everyone effected by this nothing but peace and strength to get through the sorrow.

    Another angel looking out for those he cared about from heaven.

  16. Some kid offed himself on live cam feed.

  17. He was depressed...
  18. its fucked up how this kid tried to get help from people on a forum he obviously frequented regularly (he had a ton of rep on it) and he gets flamed with a ton of racist comments.

    atleast i know all the blades on here arent that low
  19. Did you actually read the thread?

    Didn't seem like he was trying to get help - seemed like he was trying to get exactly what he got.
  20. I won't read the thread ... was he trying to get attention?

    No matter what, it's really said that this happened.
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