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  1. Woke up to a Facebook message from my bestfriend saying hes going to commit suicide. I immediately called his sister who said they found his body in his room , what a day . RIP Tahir
  2. Thats fucked up man, i had a friend commit sucide and he called all his friends up and sang some omeogean heap song or something like that.

    Next day his parents found him in a field, sorry it had to happen like that, best of luck.
  3. Holy shit man...... I would say I am sorry to hear that but those words don't even come close to express my sympathy for you and the family.... I can only fathom the kind of whirl wind yal are going through... il pray for yal.

    Coming from someone who has felt like you friend, sometimes this world has nothing for us, you have to analyze if the forseable future is worth sticking around for I know how your friend felt.. I feel that way alot some times.
  4. Im sorry to hear of your loss, its inconceivable how someone could do something so selfish, but i guess hes at peace now
  5. Selfish pricks, never realise how much it hurts people around them, people need to think a bit more when suicide crosses their mind, it does not make ANYTHING better.I have had 4 friends take their own lives over the years, I wish I had one second with each of them to smack the fuck out of them for doing it.

  6. Try and walk a mile in there shoes.
  7. ^^^ that.
    My friend got caught smoking weed and his Mom disownded him and he ran away to a friends after a couple days he went home and got in another fight with his Mom and he went in his room and hung himself by the fan.
  8. Ive walked 500 miles in there shoes. People ( especially young kid ) Take suicide like its just gonna make anything better.

    ITS DOESNT. It ends ALL. There is nothing. If suicide goes through your mind immediatley remind yourselves that if you do, thats it, no restart, no going back, Infinite black.
  9. He got caught smoking weed, And had an argument with his mom, Then killed himself?

    What the fuck is happening to this world.
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    Honestly you little fucking prick , he was my best friend and I gave you a broad fucking story of what happened. If I wanted to give you the whole fucking background story to why he did it I would , but i dont know since I didnt get to say goodbye to my friend

    I Feel you For Your Loss Zweeezy....But Please Refrain From Name Calling as it's Not Allowed in The City...Thanks For Understanding!! **unoit**
  11. Fucking way she goes.
  12. Damn dude, I fucking feel for ya. My freind hit me up two days before she overdosed on opiates a couple weeks ago, I am was kicking myself for not picking up the phone thinking she could've needed help or something you cant live life thinking about what could've been man you'll drive you're self crazy . Keep you're head up homie you just gotta think he's in a better place now. He must've had more shit going on then he let on.
  13. sometimes infinite black is better than some peoples lives and the realistic forseable future. I like to believe there is something other than infinite black but there have been times when infinite black sounded better than this shit.
  14. fuck same hting happened to me recently my friend. who is mentaly disturbed posted "Hang Time" on his status update and i put LOL and clicked like. coz im mean and thought nothing of it. i fig'd he was joking as usual.

    but later that night i went to smoke him up and play xbox. and cops and his family were there and shit. and an ambulance. he did hang himself. shits fucked. RIP to everyone who commits suicide. im sorry anyone has to feel that bad. it sucks.
  15. all people and objects in this life are but players on the stage of your conciousness. your perception of reality shapes the world around you.

    I'm sorry for your loss. but your friend fails at life.
    I have been there. on a chair, belt on the fan. i chose life.
    I've been there, gun in my mouth, unable to cope with the question of how to live my life and be happy relative to the certainty of death, and all the unspeakable misery and horror dropping every heavy second. but life is duality. go and find the joy that boy wanted and needed. go and live for him. don't mourn the mistakes of others. life is too short already
  16. U should of checked the message sooner and maybe you could have stoppedhim....shitty friend
  17. I can't imagine how much pain your friend or anyone who commits suicide for that matter must be in and how bad it must be to them. Yes it is the most selfish act a person can commit, but i still feel sorry for them.
  18. Man shut the fuck up. that was so fucking disrespectful its not funny at all dude, I hope you fucking get banned.

  19. Honestly if I could find you , Id hit you in the face as hard as I could.
  20. zweeeezy fuck em. he is dumb. he obv has no clue what its like. and im glad he doesnt know what it is like for a friend to kill themselves. it hurts more then he could imagine. but whatever i hope someday he changes and doesnt say stupid stuff like that.

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