RIP bong / nice blunt

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by straitsb, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. Last night my friend was dancing around like a dumbass and *crack!* I wasn't as mad as I was last time (last time I had to buy a new one) but now he does, ha. equal size/price so yea. Here is a picture.

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  2. close up

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  3. Need to brighten this pic up, but I have installed any of my photo editing programs, so if someone wants to go for it..

    Nice blunt of some fire kind bud :) :)

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  4. What broke on the bog, it looks fine? Or is that a pic before it broke?
  5. That blunt picture is a little dark but it looks like that blunt is fat as fuck. Yea it doesn't look like your bong is broke maybe in the middle I dunno.
  6. Oh sorry. Now it's broken, but it obviously wasn't in the picture. Yea, we never roll blunts like the size everyone else posts pictures of, thats like a regular blunt for us.
  7. bro caould at least salvage the bowl head and gromet? You could make a nice water bong with 1.5" PVC pipe.
  8. the stem survived nicely. May make a homemade gravity bong with that :) Other than that, nothing else is reusable. Hopefully we'll get a new one in the next few days.
  9. Thats a fat ass blunt dude.

  10. I see Zelda in the background......:D
  11. ^
    I love that game! I almost want to go and buy a game cube just so that i can get that zelda game pack with a bunch of the old school, and new school, zelda games on it. But i dont think a hundred bucks is worth it. I'd never use it for anything else...

  12. Oh yes, that one and the third one... theyre on my list if top 5 best games of all time. :) Gotta love Zelda... ahh.
  13. link to the past was the best for snes. Then it has to be ocorina(sp?) of time for n64... the nes versions were too frustrating for me, hah.. my dad almost went insane playing it! Then i bought him migoros (sp?) mask, hah..
  14. The Orarina of Time was so pimp. I played that game so much. I replayed it recently on my N64. The graphics were like whoa for its time. Who ever hasn't played it, it's one of those games that you have to play, or your life will never be complete.

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