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  1. That sucks and all but I hate TMZ... I wanna fight that dude sucking back on the straw.
  2. damn that dude FUCKED UP, how you gonna do that to a lady. he is so screwed, i hope he gets the full extent of the law.
  3. shoulda hit her in the top of the dome to make her forehead smaller :confused:
  4. oh my goddd
    the media is keeping this story under wraps pretty tight...

    do you think this photo is legit?
    poor rihanna
  5. This shits crazy. How r u going to just all out beat the shit outta a girl like that. Thats fucked up.
  6. Aaaaand does anybody really care? Next topic please....

  7. hey man not coming down on you or anything but just cause she is a celebrity doesnt mean its okay to make fun of her at a time like this i dont think that comment was funny at all, if someone beat the fuck out of me the last thing i would want someone to say is they should have hit me harder to fix an imperfection:(

    he is being investigated for attempted murder and at the very least domestic abuse... he isnt going to leave the state

  8. im sorry but this shit got me rollin laughin so hard !! :hello::hello::hello:
  9. I'm not sure either, this is the first photo I've seen and it doesn't even look like her... What the fuck.

    That's fucked up.
  10. I'm surprised she couldn't kick his ass, chris browns a little bitch lol
  11. Damn! That's fucked up... he did a number on her.

    It's hard to respect any man that beats a woman.
  12. I bet you she threatened to out him as a homoyoudont
    And then they got into a catfight
    Just a theory
  13. I don't really care, hate dudes that beat on chicks, but she is a pretty big b**ch, wonder if he sustained any comparable damage...
  14. Chris Brown needs his fucking skull cracked for this shit.
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    That makes me feel so bad for her. Killing my high.

    and yeah, TMZ is the trashiest b.s. I don't understand how they make money off that shit- I mean people have to be actually watching it. Seriously.
  16. Chris Brown should be fucking ashamed of himself. That shit ain't right. :mad:
  17. It looks like a dead girl and this might be a photoshop there are a bunch going around.
  18. lol yeah that comment was hilarious! :eek:

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