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right now i am seasonds

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mr.bubbles, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. what happens to the sweet love me and you had? and some castle made of sand fall into sea venatually... well boys bubbles is on dxm again and well im feelin mighty fine..very euphoric..and i took 3 tripple c's earlier and i just drank some desulum wow..i love this shit juimi made his music to trip you out:D
  2. thats alot of drugs man +rep for the hendrix intro
  3. yup i love jimi he is my hero
  4. who's jimi
  6. hendrix man jimi
  7. :confused:
  8. Jimi is by far the best ever. Damn i trip balls listing to him sober.. lol. dxm is da shit.. +rep for the badass trip your havin right now
  9. i amn man ima report back when im seeing shit so sorry for the stupitdy
  10. Thats what it is what its all about. Theres really no way around comming off looking stupid to people when on 3rd-4th plateu.
  11. Who is Jimi? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!:D now that was a good joke. JOE>
  12. haha check my username mr. bubbles

  13. i agree man fuck cough medicine that why they call it DXM casue if they told people they were taking cough medicine it would be gay
  14. There are other ways. I take straight DXM.
  15. WOW I forgot i made this thread,,,hahahaha kick ass
  16. \

    DXM is the cough suppresser in the medicine that y you can get it seperately incase you dont havea cold just a cough but i have nothing againts people who do it but in my personal opinion i still think it kinda gay
  17. kinda gay?.. its just another recreational drug, a new type of high, and a damn good one too. its nothing to do all the time, but once in awhile its pretty badass. but why are u talking down on a well balanced recreational drug.. so what you dont like it, have you ever tried it?
  18. serisley i love dxm
  19. dito

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