Right, left, or ambidextrous?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dirt King, May 19, 2004.


Right, Left, or Ambidextrous

  1. Right

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  2. Left

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  3. Ambidextrous

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  1. I think right will probably win out, but for fun, who's what....?
  2. Oh I forgot, I'm right handed. But, I'm working on becoming ambidextrous (except for writing).
  3. I'm right handed and my left hand is awful at everything. I can barely write my name with my left hand and to be legible it will take up about 4 lines on lined paper.
  4. im a lefty, but i still do alot of other things that feel more natural with my right, except writing
  5. i'm ambi...but write better with my left but mechanical stuff i do better with my right :smoking: go figure lol
    toke on :smoke:
  6. HIGH All, lefty here...
  7. Right handed, but there are some things I can do with my left.
  8. i write with my left hand hold the lighter in my left hand but other then that i use my right hand with everything
  9. i can jerk with my left hand, does that make me ambidextrous?
  10. lol

    i'm a righty;)

  11. Practicing for when you get a borken arm? Or already had a broken arm?
  12. My left hand feels more natural, but Im ambidextrous.
  13. I'm like most lefties, write with the left hand, everything else with the right... i think that may be why my hand writing is so bad
  14. yup same thing cow, write and throw south pawed and then bat/golf/swing anything in any sport righty.

  15. hah, yes, i've had a broken arm before and it does come in handy, but thats not how i found out i could. i was just bored one day sitting at my computer stoned and said to myself.. hmm, im gonna try something different today..

  16. Just try wiping your ass wilth your left. The you'll be sure never to break your right. Of course, maybe you can do it.

    I'm a lefty, by the way. Many ppl don't know this: everyones born left handed but when they make their first mistake they become right handed! So far, so good for me. lol

  17. ....Or just trying to straighten things out? lol
  18. ha, you're just saying that aren't you..
  19. 90% right handed. 7% ambidextrous. <1% Left handed. >2% other.

    so i voted right handed.

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