Ridiculously urgent help needed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by whitekush, May 4, 2011.

  1. hi GC, i really really need some help right now.

    i ordered some beans a while ago (i dont even care about them i dont even plan on getting more im done) and i never got them.
    i never expected to get them i just stopped caring.
    (i live in canada ps)

    anyways, today i got a letter of seizure... i dont really care about them, but i'm not sure what i'm supposed to do?

    they sent me a photocopy of a whole bunch of laws, and theres a note saying something about filing an application under law 138 for law 139 or something.

    has anyone had this happen to them? what happens?

    edit: i believe the application for those laws is only if i want to claim owner of said seized goods, and i do not, they are not mine i didnt order them*
  2. oh man that sounds like a bad attitude to me...don't give up on your dreams man.

  3. I've had an international order seized before, it's no fun at all.
    Now whatever you do, DO NOT SIGN ANY PAPERWORK!
    You had the right idea, just let them go.
    If you sign the paperwork and try to claim them, you are admitting (in writing no less) that the contraband shipment is yours.
    You would be arrested on the spot and processed through your local court system accordingly.
    Chalk up the money spent to an important life lesson learned and move on.
    Toss that paperwork in the trash and never look back.
    Good luck.
  4. I agree I would cancel your credit card saying it got hacked or something. Sign nothing deny anything should you ever get a phone call!
  5. Ditto - There is no way you will get the seeds regardless so just shred the letter and don't give it another thought. They won't come knockin if they don't think anyone is there.....

  6. hey man I've had weed posted to me before that was seized, they can only do something about it if you claim it is yours... I ignored my letter and nothing happened, it is illegal to receive these items but you aren't liable unless you call and claim it is your package, after all, who knows who sent those crazy seeds to you, right? I mean you cant be blamed for someone else posting you something illegal!:smoke:

    so, yeah pretty much what everyone has said lol... don't worry dude, you're safe!

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