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  1. I fucking love them.
    I have w few for GC.

    This ones kinda easy.
    There is a night gaurd for a company. One day the boss comes up the him and says that he will be going on a business trip in a different state. He freaks out and says that he can't and that last night he had a dream where he went on this business trip, and his plane crashes and dies. The boss goes on the trip anyway. He goes and returns safely. The first thing he does when he comes back is fire him. Why?

    I'll post more when someone figures the answer out.
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    For making him fear going on the plane when clearly it was just a dream? That seems like a perfectly logical reason that he would have been fired.

    Warning: Below is the answer!!!

    Edit: Just got it, he's a night guard so he couldn't have been dreaming 'last night' unless he was sleeping on the job.
  3. Nyaha you've done well sir.

    Next riddle.
    There is a bus driver in Colorado. He goes down the street, passes a stop sign without stopping, takes a left turn on a street where no left turns are aloud, and is on the opposite side of a road and passes a cop. The cop does not pull him over. Why?
  4. Because the bus just hit a truck carrying nuclear waste, which killed everyone in a 2 mile radius.
  5. that one above me is hard...
    what has four legs but cant walk lol
  6. Chairs?
  7. He was never driving a bus, he just happened to be a bus driver. He's actually walking in the riddle so he didn't break any law.

    Otherwise the cop might have just been asleep or beating up a black guy.

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