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Rick Simpsons Hemp Oil In Arizona

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by mtnmtnyo, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. Hello Grasscity, 
    I am new to the forum and website and I look forward to finding as much information as possible on here. My question is..
    Is there anyone on Grasscity that knows of anyone that can produce and or has produced Rick Simpson's Hemp Oil in Arizona. My brother was diagnosed with Leukemia 8 months ago and has gone through a Bone Marrow Transplant, he is currently battling against GVHD (graft vs host disease) and has just started a new treatment called ECP to get the GVHD under control. I've watched him suffer and battle through all of this first hand, day by day, and I am tired of seeing him like this. I have found many articles and websites saying that the CBD and THC in cannabis can cure all sorts of ailments including many types of cancers. I have a lot of questions in regards to the Hemp Oil, I have watched all the videos on how to produce it that I could find online, but I haven't found anything that goes into it in depth. I would just like to find someone I could talk to in person that could help me in growing and producing the oil, not only to be sure I am doing everything correctly but also so my family can better understand and believe in this. Finding testimonials is also a hard one, there are many but they are scattered through out the whole internet, I read on the Phoenix Tears website that they are currently compiling a bunch of testimonials but I am afraid it will take too long if I wait for that to happen. 
    If there is ANYONE on here that could help me in finding more information me, my family, and brother would be forever grateful. 
    Thank you for your time,
    Much Love.

  2. Arizona is a medical marijuana state. Get his MMJ card .
    To begin, do not over complicate the oil making process. The reason you don't find in depth videos is because there isn't any depth. Use 99% isopropyl alcohol,everclear alcohol or light naphtha(aka Coleman fuel, white gas). DO NOT use heavy naphtha. Soak the bud in solvent for a few minutes, filter the solvent, boil off solvent outdoors (NO OPEN FLAMES), gently heat oil in small container until it is still,load into syringes. That's it in a nutshell.
    Instructions to make RSO go to YouTube and search "making cannabis oil" or "making rick simpson oil". Start small,with only a few ounces of bud to work out the process. In case you burn the first batch you won't lose much. He won't be taking much to begin with anyway. As tolerance builds, so does the dose.
    While you are on YouTube search "cannabis cures cancer testimonials". In particular David Tripplets "Cured, a Cannabis story". Or Dennis Hill curing his prostate cancer with cannabis oil.
    Lastly, Storm Crows list on this forum has enough information to convince any reasonable person that cannabis cures cancer. Not 100%, there are no absolutes in this life.
    All the best.
  3. #3 Storm Crow, Jun 15, 2013
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    To get a copy of the most recent List, just send me an email! It's at the bottom of my sig.  And to save you some time, here is the only study I have on GVHD and cannabis, but it is very promising!
    Targeting cannabinoid receptors as a novel approach in the treatment of graft-versus-host disease: Evidence from an experimental murine model.      (full – 2011)
    Getting the all materials together to make RSO can take some time and money! So, for a quick solvent-less way to make small batches of oil, look at Shona Banda's  You-Tube "Live Free or Die". She makes it one or two caps at a time- your father would start out on a much smaller dose than she takes.
    Another recipe for small batches-
    You know how cannabis works by activating the CB receptors to fight cancer? Well, the "average American diet" sabotages the endocannabinoid system and its receptors! :eek: Besides being way overloaded with sugar salt and the wrong kinds of fats, it lacks Omega 3.  Omega 3 is absolutely necessary to make functioning CB receptors! Since this was only discovered a few years ago, there are not that many articles on it yet, so I am going to have to stray a tad off topic here. These guys were looking only at the brain effects, but they explain what is going on when you don't get Omega 3- 
    Omega-3 deficiency disrupts cannibinoid receptor function in brain        (news – 2011)
    Now the effects in the body are even worse! This article is on colon cancer, but it seems to hold true in other kinds, too. They are calling the defective receptors "turned off receptors".
    Turned-Off Cannabinoid Receptor Turns On Colorectal Tumor Growth      (news - 2008)
    Unfortunately, it takes time to replace millions of defective receptors. Since Omega 3 also lifts depression by replacing defective receptors and allowing more normal functioning, we can use depression relief as a rough timeline for how long it takes for enough receptors to be replaced to have an effect. This article suggests it takes a month or more -
    How Long Before Fish Oil Works on Depression to Lift Your Mood?
    For your body to use its own natural defenses against cancer, and for the RSO to work efficiently, you need functioning CB receptors! Both THC and CBD fight leukemia.  And it is getting late, so I am just going to dump the whole Leukemia section from my home List on you and let you wander through it! I suggest that you keep a second window open to find definitions of terms you don't know.
    Anandamide Induces Apoptosis in Human Cells via Vanilloid Receptors
    (full - 2000)
    Targeting CB2 cannabinoid receptors as a novel therapy to treat malignant lymphoblastic disease       (full - 2002)
    Gamma-irradiation enhances apoptosis induced by cannabidiol, a non-psychotropic cannabinoid, in cultured HL-60 myeloblastic leukemia cells.           (abst - 2003)
    Cannabis-induced cytotoxicity in leukemic cell lines: the role of the cannabinoid receptors and the MAPK pathway       (full - 2005)
    Cannabidiol-Induced Apoptosis in Human Leukemia Cells : A Novel Role of Cannabidiol in the Regulation of p22phox and Nox4 Expression      (full - 2006)
    {Delta}9-Tetrahydrocannabinol-Induced Apoptosis in Jurkat Leukemia T Cells Is Regulated by Translocation of Bad to Mitochondria       (full - 2006)
    Is there a temperature-dependent uptake of anandamide into cells?      (full – 2006)
    Parental marijuana use and risk of childhood acute myeloid leukaemia: a report from the Children's Cancer Group (United States and Canada).      (abst – 2006)
    The effects of cannabinoids on P-glycoprotein transport and expression in multidrug resistant cells.       (abst - 2006)
    Cannabis destroys cancer cells        (news - 2006)
    Cannabidiol inhibits tumour growth in leukaemia and breast cancer in animal studies    (news - 2006)
    HU-331, a novel cannabinoid-based anticancer topoisomerase II inhibitor    (full - 2007)
    Medical Marijuana Use and Research Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Statement
    (full – 2008)
    Enhancing the in vitro cytotoxic activity of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol in leukemic cells through a combinatorial approach         (abst - 2008)
    Marijuana's Active Ingredient Kills Leukemia Cells        (news - 2009)
    Substance use and survival after treatment for chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) or myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS).        (full - 2010)
    Cannabidiol induced a contrasting pro-apoptotic effect between freshly isolated and precultured human monocytes.          (abst – 2011)
    Tumor necrosis factor activation of vagal afferent terminal calcium is blocked by cannabinoids.      (abst – 2012)
    Marijuana compound could stop aggressive cancer metastasis          (news - 2012)
    Can marijuana stop cancer?       (news – 2012)
    Marijuana And Cancer: Scientists Find Cannabis Compound Stops Metastasis In Aggressive Cancers          (news – 2012)
    Is Medical Marijuana Safe for Children?    (news – 2012)
    Hope that helps!
    Granny  :wave:
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  4. Harry P. and Granny thank you so much for the information! I know we're a medical marijuana state but since my brother has been in the hospital he hasn't been able to make an appointment to get his card. As soon as he is able to come home that is the first thing we will be doing. The reason I was asking for in depth information was because I was discussing this with my dad and he isn't one that really trusts any of this, he wants someone with experience to make it and wants testimonials and such. I know that I am totally capable of growing and producing the oil, it was more to help him understand it a little better. I'm sure with all this info I will be able to explain it better to him now. I'm at the hospital right now and my brother is getting his ECP treatment as I type this. I'm gonna read through the mountain of info you gave me while I'm here, thanks so much again Granny! 
  5. Thank you so much BadKittySmiles!
    There is so much info, I've been slowly reading through everything Granny posted. I'm trying to simplify it for my dad to understand. I'm glad you posted all about making the oil, and I really like the idea of not having to use any solvents. Also buying the shake from a dispensary does seem way more cost effective, I will probably go that route to make the first batch and see how it goes, if it's effective I might just continue to do that instead of growing it myself. From what I've read I understand that high THC and CBD strains will be best for cancer, considering dispensaries usually sell that dank, will anything they have for cheap do? As long as I see that there is crystals and the smell is good? As soon as I'm done reading what Granny shared with me, I will move on to going through all the info you have helped me out with. Thanks again BadKittySmiles! I will continues to come back and share anything I've started and ask any question I have.
    I really appreciate all the support you have already given me, much respect and love to you all. 
  6. I am in AZ and would like to make contact with the brother of the leukemia patient as my son is with this now. I am hoping you have received a good AZ oil referral, we need one for the same reason.
  7. @[member="mtnmtnyo"] would like to make contact with the Arizona guy "newbie" re the bone marrow leukemia path... my son, trying to avoid...applying for card which we will get since glaucoma is issue also, but needing oil in interim and working on that...

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