Rick ross the greatest rapper of all time

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  1. I got a chopper in my car uhh ugh!

    I'm blowin money fast uhh ugh!

    Enough said.
  2. god damnit.
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  4. ??? Do I need more evidence? The music video for John he is in a wheel chair with spinners. Fucking. Genius.
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    Rick Ross is terrible.
  6. Rick Ross doesn't have shit on lil b's raw lyricism.

  7. Haha, r u foreal, its barely rap
  8. You kids need to realize he is lyrically untouchable almost as good as lil Wayne.
  9. He has his catchy singles, but i can barely listen to his entire cd on repeat.

    And his grunt...UGH!...sounds like he is having trouble breathing. Another thing is he needs to get a shirt that is button up and seal that deal. Dude got man boobs...
  10. u need to stop listenin to the radio man, both ross and lil wayne are garbage
  11. I think his rhymes are pretty good. but I'm fairly certain he's completely fake. he was a correctional officer when he was 19 for 18 months and when the pictures surfaced he said Internet hackers took a picture of his face from when he was a teenager and put it on someone else's body. there's just a bunch of shit that makes me not believe him. all his new shit is gay as fuck, port of Miami was his only good drop, imo.
  12. listen to real shit, man.
  13. He is also straight g4ng$t3r he sells cocaine.
  14. I think we should ban the discussion of mainstream (C)rap from the music hall.

    Troll or not I bet the op really believes he is the best. Lil Wayne is for bitches. I know many lil kids Who just listen to him and shit. I can't take it. Why can people Learn to respect talent not autotune.

    Sorry I do like lil Waynes brand new,pussy money weed, even John but I just can't take people saying anyone of those ymcmb punks is even a rapper.
  15. Any rapper still alive can't possibly be the greatest of all time.
  16. U kno he used to b a CO
  17. Baaawwwwwwsssssseee

  18. I thought everyone knew about him being a co? lol.
  19. Yeah but now hes gettin locked up and flippin, hows it feel now bitch haha

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