Rick Ross in hospital for smoking 100 blunts in 24 hours!

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    "October 15, 2011: In what has to be one of the most BIZARRE health scares that we've EVER heard of, rapper Rick Ross was taken into the hospital TWICE yesterday . . . after reports that he was having a "seizure" while on an airplane.

    The first incident occurred when THE BOSS was on a Delta Air Lines flight from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to Memphis, Tenn., where Ross was scheduled to appear at a University of Memphis basketball event that night. The plane was forced to make an UNSCHEDULED LANDING when Ross suffered what many are calling a "seizure". Paramedics were forced to REVIVE Ricky . . . when his friends were UNABLE TO FIND A PULSE on Ricky!!

    Rick Ross was treated at a Fort Lauderdale hospital and released, and he even tweeted afterward: "Memphis here I come."

    But after Ross hopped a Memphis-bound private jet, it also was forced to make an unscheduled landing in Birmingham, Ala. Reports are that Rick Ross had ANOTHER seizure.

    Ricky Rozay was taken to the University of Alabama-Birmingham Hospital. He is recovering there as we speak.

    Well people are wondering WHAT caused the HOTTEST rapper in the game to have these medial issues. Some are speculating that his WEIGHT had to do with it.

    NOT SO, says a member of Ricky's camp. The insider, who asked to remain NAMELESS claims that Rick was on a WEED BINGE. According to the insider, Rick Ross smoked "AT LEAST 100 BLUNTS" in the last 24 hours.

    The insider, who asked to remain nameless claims that while Ross was on the plane, in the CONFINED SPACE, he began having a PANIC ATTACK - which could have been mistaken as a seizure. And that when they finally got him to go to sleep - he slept SO SOUNDLY, that his friends thought he DIED.

    The effects of a marijuana overdose are NOT fatal. After a few days rest, most people who suffer from it are COMPLETELY recovered."

    **MediaTakeOut isn't the most credible site but it was interesting so I decided to post it.
  2. mediatakeout is not a credible website, they make up a lot of stuff I doubt it.
  3. He had two seizures but it probably wasn't related to his smoking..
  4. That's just fucking retarded
  5. Thats bullshit. They say its weed but he was probably doing certain unmentionables behind the cameras...
  6. prolly the tobacco, assuming it is even true
  7. A nameless source is a credible source..

    Plus, if he did try smoking 100 blunts in a day, that's a good bit of tobacco still. Even if it is just the wrap..
  8. if he smoked that much he's a fucken idiot anyway....sounds like bullshit
  9. i stopped reading after they said he was the hottest rapper alive

  10. haha, if it is true, the tobacco/additives probably caused it.
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    Straight bullshit, blunts will not do this to you.

    It does have to do with his weight. He is 35(+), obese, smokes, & I find it hard to believe he eats healthy & doesn't do other drugs.
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    Clearly his weight played a roll in this, who ever disagrees is an idiot.

    The guy is the size of a planet and I'm sure in combination of other drugs/unhealthy lifestyle that's why this happened.
  13. There's no way this is real. 100 blunts in 24 hours would be about 4 an hour, so you wouldn't even have time to smoke them all.

    Not to mention the "unnamed source" is incredibly suspect.
  14. Maybe he had a other health problems, like how is a fucking hippo.
  15. So let's see, 100 blunts in 24 hours is basically 1 blunt every 15 minutes if he smoked non stop, so why do I doubt that he was able to smoke in the airport, and then on the plane. Unless he was smoking little pinner bitch blunts like the size of a cigarette. You'd have to just smoke non-stop to even do that. Your lungs couldn't handle that much smoke.
  16. He could just be comatose, if he's got the shit I'm chiefing.

  17. He does mention cocaine in some songs so most likely he does sniff.
  18. officer ricky. haha what a dumbass
  19. damn he smokes 2g worth of weed in a day????

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