Rice Crackers

Discussion in 'General' started by thirdworldarmy, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Anyone else a fan?
    I love rice cracker oriental mix stuff that you can buy in convenience stores.
    They make this spicy mix too that like the oriental mixed with chex mix with spiciness.

    I think one of the ingredients is crack, and here is why. The bag says 9 servings per bag and it's always gone in one...

    I'm high :smoking:
    I hope you are too!
    Cuz if you aren't... I'm sorry if you were here I would smoke you out. I have nobody to smoke with...

    Call of Duty 4 (xbox 360 )anyone? add me Gert999 (actually my friends account but whatever)

    back to the subject.
    This next bowl is dedicated to GC!

    and as I smoke this I'm going to be listening to the main theme song of Boondock Saints.

  2. yea man i was at my buddys sisters wedding and way later after all the older adults were gone my cousin and i smoked and i found a bucket of those and just munched on them all night haha

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