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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by dankitydank435, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Alrite so I've used rhotos my whole smoking "career" I guess haha and I heard things about rhotos being bad for your eyes? Does anyone know if they really are bad or not? I quit using them an now all I use is clear eyes and they work great! 1 drop that's all. Just kinda been curious about it
  2. They aren't bad for your eyes, and they work wonders.
  3. Oh I know they are fuckin amazing but there a lil more $ so I just go clear eyes cuz they work great for me
  4. All eye drops are bad for you IF you use them daily, it messes with your eye ducts and stops them from producing natural tears etc..
  5. Personally, I don't even bother. My eyes don't get that red unless I'm super baked, and in that situation I don't care who sees me high:smoke:
  6. you might develope some type of tolerence to it over time
  7. But I always thought it was the naphazoline that is in clear eyes and visine (along with most other eyedrops) that dried your ducts?
    Maybe I'm wrong.
  8. Rohtos are just as safe as any other name brand eyedrops. In my opinion they feel the best and work the best. Do research next time somebody tells you something like that, form your own opinion.
  9. its all about Opcon A bro

  10. This is the truth, I used to use eye drops on a very regular basis and I actually noticed myself needing to use them even when not blazed because my eyes were dry. They do mess up your body's ability to create its own tears because you are fooling it by giving it an artificial alternative. Getting to the point though, Rohtos are no worse than any other brand. I actually prefer them if I need to put some in.
  11. Rhotos have always been brutal on my eyes. I like using Visine.
  12. Just don't use it more than what it says on the bottle. Four times daily?

    I only have to use Rhotos like once after a sesh and I'm good for the day even if I smoke more.

  13. Weird. I have been using eyedrops on a regular basis for 2 years at least. Never have any eye problems.

  14. Very correct if used daily eventually they wont work as well
  15. get some shades instead
  16. LOL i love when people say rhotos are too expensive! In my local walmart rhotos are 3.99 visine is 3.50 and clear eyes is 3.75 RHOTOS MAKE YOUR EYES COLD!
  17. Youll be fine dude, they do really good for what they are intended.
  18. best shit in the game
  19. If you use them as directed on the bottle, they are not bad for you. Just don't use them more than the bottle tells you to, and don't drink them.

    If you abuse them, they can lead to hypertensive retinopathy. Most people who experience it show no symptoms but some cases can cause loss of vision, which is pretty serious if you ask me.

    Use them properly and you hopefully won't need to worry about this.

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