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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by chaz517, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. i have just bought seeds from here and they will be coming to the usa... has anyone from the us bought from here? or has anyone heard anything about this place... it seemed legit... i did use a credit card though... thank you in advance
  2. i guess ill answer my own question.. the answer is this place is legit... i received my seeds.... toook4 weeks though
  3. Hey buddy, that is good news. I ordered from them, they sent me an email on the 7th saying they had shipped. My card got charged, but I haven't seen a damn thing. Sounds like they may be in route. Where in the US are you? East coast, west coast, etc... Good luck. What stains did you get? I got the Belladonna and Purple Power. Take it easy
  4. east coast... and i got sum of that ppp as well, and top 44 of course... i am still a newbie... tap root came thru in one day.. always a good sign.. good luck
  5. I have ordered from them and have got some of my seeds, but two packs never showed up and I waited two months before I started sending them emails and they will not answer me. Does anyone have any good ideas?

    This is BS when they won't get back to you.

    pissed off:devious:
  6. Nothing yet, email said they shipped on the 7th of april. I guess i can take that long. My wife is british and mail gets here within a week, but I guess there is a way to ship that it can take up to 8 weeks. Hopefully get something soon, thinking of trying seed boutique for the hell of it, I have read good things.

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