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Rezin bowl....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JoeyFyed, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Well, been smoking for a while now and it never had to come down to this. But it looks like ill be awake for the 10 hours before class, its midnight and i just woke up at 5pm, so no sleeping here. Anyways, back on topic, im budless, and cant get a hook now. I have about .6 of some resin in my piece, ive heard this works many times by a few friends. All i know is roll it into a ball, pop a fea spirin before cause of the massive headache and smoke. So, if my thoughts are correct a few opinions on it would be helpfull, if im wrong, someone help me out? Thanks alot...

  2. That makes sense, resin fucks you up. I dont know how exactly, since its logical that all the thc is gone, but it def fucks you up. You might have to hold the lighter longer to the resin ball for it to flame. Good luck.
  3. Take a tac or little nail and first light the inisde of the bowl for a little bit. Then take the tac and scrape the bowl and make a little ball of resin. Put it in your bowl and smoke up. You shoudlnt need asprin, never gave me a headache.
  4. ^^ I've gotten a couple head aches off resin, but only when i smoke A LOT and take HUGE hits.

    Eh... if you are smoking resin out of a bong.. dont suck hard, keep the ball lit, and suck slowly. I have seen a decent size resin ball get SUCKED down the stem cuz some jackass thought he wanted to rip my resin.

    (If your using a bong... dont use a screen cuz it might break.. and dont use a glass screen cuz it might crack)
  5. i try not to smoke resin anymore, i feel shitty after smokin it, it gets me high but i dont like the feel of my lungs after smokin taht gooey crap. but if u have a nice big carb on ur pipe u can get a paper clip in there and scape away, thats what i do
  6. Resin just tastes so nasty... you'll get plenty fucked up off of it. But it's more of a dirty uncomfortable stone... ew.
  7. do not smoke your resin! its just fuckin nasty! there will be some THC left in the resin, and you may get pretty stoned, buts its so little compared to the amout of tar that its just not worth it. its like 10 times the amount of tar in every hit, and much, much less THC.
  8. umm....all you have to do is leave the resin in the bowl and take a lighter....and spark that shit...only take longer me it works wonders when you need a fix...

    taking it out of the bowl would be a waste...just leave that shit on the sides..and light the resin up so that the flame is touching the sides of the bowl and than hit it gently so that the flame goes near the top of the bowl all the way to the bowl..

    i definately did not have .6g of resin on my bowl and i was able to get aroun 7 nice hits...

  9. Once or twice a month, depending on how much I smoke, I clean my pieces out and throw the resin in a little container I have just for resin. Then, when I run outta smoke, or I'm just flat broke, I throw a resin ball in my main weed jar, shake it up a bit, and I'm ready to toke! Resin alone is a bit iffy, but once it's completely covered in keif, it's not so bad. =P

    Some call it "broke" or "ghetto", I call it "recycling". :D
  10. I agree, its not so bad when theres nothing else around... but it will be the thickest, nastiest smoke ever.
  11. I dont think resin smoke is as bad as you all are making it out to be...taste wise, sure its bad for you, but when you have no budda it does the trick. :smoke:

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