Rez Temps & Yeild??

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  1. I know with high water temps you can get sick plants but what I don't know and would like finally an answer to is will my White Russian not be all it can be if my temps are to high? Will my buds not be as big? Will they grow thiner? any answer please?? Also just to see if I am on track even with the high temps I would like to see good grows at 30 days flowering? Where if any would you suggest? Can be AK or WR or some strain not to dissimilar... Thanks for all the help...
  2. From MY experience with high temps in the DWC rez, my girls just stopped growing all togeather. They never did reach maturity no matter how much Hygrozyme and SM-90 I used. I tried putting frozen bottles and all to get the temps down. It was pretty much a waste of time for me. I never had the problem again I purchased a water chiller and have used it ever since. My temps got as high as 82 degress before the chiller was added.

    Good Luck!!
  3. Well that is not exactly my questions answer, but it is, sort of, well actually not helpful. Mine actually were, with a human mouth thermomerter, 95, quite warm to my hand. But the plants are flowering well just want to make the best of them and a chiller aint no cheap date. About the only thing I don't have yet. Dont need the a/c yet but that seemed to work in the summer but as I said don't need to waste the money on elec with that monster yet. Want to compare 30 day flower pics so I know if mine are really good or just really good. Anyone know of a good few pics at 30 days 12/12?? Thanks...

  4. Been worried to death about my cool water In DWC, so I hooked up a heatmat under one tub bringing my temps from 72*f to 82*-84*f and within a week I took it out. Slowed growth, algae was growing all over, my room temps went up 7*f, had to raise my light to 18", just too many problems.

    I have to say the 72*-74*f H2O has been very good to me, no algae in tubs, plants grow fast, flowers have shown early, like 4-5 days male and 7days females have showed, to me thats fast. Also the cool water keeps the plant itself cool, I can feel the coolness when I touch it, I can keep the lights lower and still they stay cool and leaves dont burn. No sings of molds or insects, not sure but I would think cooler temps would help that also. My room temps are back down to 78-84f when I had the heat on it was in the 90s and my plants were not liking that.

    So if you can get those temps down It would be better off for everything, I know from my own testing that its just better. Other than that the only thing is when sprouting seeds or clones, is the only time I would say warmer water is a good thing. My sprouts seem to like warmer water to get those first few roots down, but once they are in the water, temps need to come back down.

    So yes I believe you will have more issues with mold, buds being smaller and just all around not happy plants with warm DWC. Good luck and happy harvest!
  5. I agree but really want to know how much more I would get out of them if I were to pay the $ for a chiller. The a/c unit costs a lot to run and don't know about the chillers cost to run but I know that outside temps where pot grows can get hot so if the water is cool I think less a/c would work. My buds or should I say my plants have always yielded around 1 oz to 1.5 a plant and have had great buds but I want the best I can get and my new strain is not likeing the warm water. No real bug issues or phylums but would love to see 30 day flower pics to compare with but can't find any? Thanks again....

  6. If you're using bubblebuckets then go get a rubbermaid container. Set your bucket or buckets inside the rubbermaid containers and fill the rubbermaid about half way up with ice.

    Couple things to think of, it will take about a full days worth of icing to find an ACCURATE easy medium from too cold and Luke cold.

    Try and make a cover so ice doesn't melt from direct sunlight, AKA a tarp stuffed in the rubber maid to cover the ice.

    Salt keeps ice at a more stable tempature thus making ice last longer.

    The most important of all these though is make sure you keep that rubber maid filled with ice NOT MELTED WATER, if perhaps your ladies drink mucho amounts of water, the bucket could become bouyant and your girls would float up and crash to the ground.
  7. So over in the seed bank section you were bitching about it was The Attitudes fault that your grows were sucking. Here you found your problem, your water is too warm. How is that Attitudes fault?

    If your water is that warm, how warm is your growing area? Water in general cannot get hotter than the environment its in but is usually cooler. So if your water is warm, 95F, your room has to be even hotter and you will get crap grows.
  8. Oh, I will throw a pic in for you. These are Strawberry Cough on the left at 35 days and Skunk #1 on the right at 28 days of 12/12. My cabinet temps run 72-79F, using 400W HPS Sylvania basic bulb, and res temps in the low 60s with no cooling other than the shade of the Ebb and Flow design and Plants.
  9. You need to try and keep the res below 70F. Higher than that and you'll see problems with pythium and other nasty shit. If there's no way that you can get your res temps lower for this grow I would recommend using 10ml/gal of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to ward off fungi. I believe the ideal root temp is 65-68F, however I have grown with 78-80 degree temps using h2o2 successfully. 94 is crazy hot

    As far as yield goes, if pythium takes over your yield may be precisely 0.0g, invest in a chiller if in any way possible. You can get them on Ebay for $150.
  10. I run my rig at 63 deg.

    It really made a difference in POTENCY.

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