Rex's Dank Mountain Outdoor, season1 - 2011 (pics)

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    Hey folks, Rex here, iv been growing cannabis (legally now) for a while but still a new comer to the whole outdoor game. I have a couple seasons under my belt but my ears are always open to any advice. Anyways enough with the introduction lets get to the grow aye.

    This year ill be planting around 12 clones that i hope to get 6' and pull at least one - two pounds per plant. but its nice to dream right, im just trying to set my goals high i suppose and see what i can do.:smoke:
    Im planning on trying some experimental srog methods i came up with, with my plants this year possibly.
    I might also be having a guerrilla going on in this journal as well.:confused:

    clones so far

    My Strains?

    • Cali Mist:eek:
      i swear it looks like these guys are flowering but i wouldnt understand how because theyve been under 16.5 hours of light a day under t-5s but. idk. trips me out.
    • Black widow:devious:
      this strain is simply, crazzy.
    • Big Purple Daddy:p
      never grown this one before but so far shes lookin dannk, lets just say. high hopes.
    • New York Diesel:cool:
      (ill get a pic eventually)(these girls arent doin so hot for some reason, there yellowing and a little droopy ever since iv had them. :( i may not even use these girls.
    -This is what i have so far, there still indoor right now since the weather isnt cooperating right now, there about a foot tall. iv been topping a few and lst'ing them a bit training them as well. but I'm planning on picking up some more variety so if you have any suggestions id be more than happy to take them.

    Materials Im Using? (for each plant)

    • 45 gallon smart pot for each

    • 2 bags Fox Farm ocean forest potting soil
    • 1 bag Happy Frog soil conditioner
    • about half a 5 gallon bucket dry horse manure
    Im pretty happy with this soil mix right now, but we shall see how the girls like it as time moves on.

    This journal is kind of trial thing right now, im curious to see how many people will want to follow, so let me know. The more everyone else gets into it the more ill get into it and post updates and discuss how we all do what we do.
  2. still waiting for the weather to cooperate :(
  3. Weather has been rainy here on the east coast but the temps are just right. Were do you reside? Clones are looking good but I'm sure there rootbound in those little party cup. GL.
  4. woke up, still rainy :(

    Im over near the coast on the upper west, and yes, they are most definitely root bound, theres a reason there still in the cups. iv been wating for the weather to stop raining on and off to put them outside in the 45 gallon smart pots, i dont want to chance them going into flower, and it was supposed to stop after this weekend, so i figured ahh, ill just leave them in there so i dont have to transplant and re transplant, but now its starting to look like im going to have to do something since its not supposed to stop for another week or two.
  5. weather is perfect today, gonna get them outside for a bit and transplant them to bigger pots. too bad its supposed to rain for a couple days again this weekend. maybe ill get them to there final resting place after that.
  6. so, i went out there today and transplanted them all into bigger pots so they can wait it out to go into the 45 galloners. just another week or two. ill post updates pictures in a couple days. i also took 7 clones, 4 black widow, 3 purple daddy, not sure how many will survive but well see.
  7. [​IMG]

    cali mist still makes me think its flowering. the diesel is still being wierd? the purple was just root bound pretty bad i think. and the black widow has been looking monsterous. They have all been put into bigger pots and better soil than what was in the party cups. also, i took 4 black widow clones and 3 purple daddy clones. now they just have to wait it out in those pots till this final rain storm passes. :bongin:
  8. oh, also, i topped/femmed all the purple daddy and black widow.
  9. lookin good bro!
  10. finished topping my babies today and did some stress training on 2 of them (including the one we did yesterday)
  11. so, lately iv been having nutrient deficiency proplems as you can probly see by the pics. i went a picked up 3 new clones from the club and dropped them in the ground to see if its my soil. well see if they do the same thing as my others. im gonna go to the hydro store and pick up some nutes and im almost positive that they will bounce back after they get some minerals and what not. wish i had added in some oganic nutes to the soil when i started but, what can ya do. well see how it goes, im thinking there gonna be ok once they get some nutes.
  12. Looking excelllent man. Ummmmm

    Your plants are doing great bro don't sweat it. Their clones so a food loss on the major fan leaves is expected( the yellowing, discoloration). Those babies want to bust man, you need to get em some bigger containers. Or hole in the ground, BIG if you want big.

    Whats your soil? As for nutrients when you go to the store get some organics mayne, I used fox farms, but thats just me and its person dependant. You could also make your own teas theres plenty of recipes on this site.
  13. Thanks NJ
    its nice to hear some inspiring input :)
    my soil mixture is two bags fox farm ocean forest potting soil and one bag of there happy frog soil conditioner. Im tryin to go for six footers this year so i got 45 gallon smart pots that they are waiting to go in. im just waiting to get this nutrient thing under control before i use up the pot since i only have 5 ready to go right now. i want the most bang for my buck ya know. ill post some pics of whats going on in a minute, i think i got a nitrogen deficiency, maybe phosphorus also? well see. im sure nutes will solve any of this though. how did you like fox farms nutes? iv been thinking about picking up there grow big and seeing if that solves things, i think there 6-4-4 mix would boost my babys back to happyness.
  14. So, the new clones that i picked up i dropped into my 45 gallon smart pots, i got
    View attachment atf x white widow.bmp
    View attachment atf white widow 2.bmp
    View attachment Lavender.bmp
    also, i got one Kasey Jones x Sour Diesel. that looks GOOD.

    now, onto the problems

    View attachment hmmmm.bmp
    View attachment idk1.bmp
    View attachment purple daddy, idk.bmp

    its not just on one or two leafs, and those arent the worst of them. (bad photographer) anyways, im gonna try and pick up some nutes one day this week and start them on a recovery i guess. well see if the new little guys get it to. as of now, thats whats happening.. :) and :(

    overall alright i guess, it could be worse. i just want to get them fixed and perky again.:cool:
  15. if my little babies start to do the same thing or if nutes dont help. im gonna have to switch up my soil or something i guess
  16. picked up a quart of soul synthetics, grow. i was going to go water them and start them on it tell i woke up to rain :mad:
    guess ill have to wait tell next time i need to water to see if it fixes things.
    although, the plants are starting to look better on there own, i think they could really use the boost.
  17. so, no one knows what causes parts of the leaves to turn white?

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