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  1. Good argument.
  2. why not? because thats everyones attitude. everyone sits on their computer talking about how the conditions are so perfect for a revolution. Too bad the conditions are polluted with ignorance, apathy and complacency

    imo it'd take a reinstatement of the draft (conscription) to start one - its what primarily fueled the 60s
  3. what % of people do you think WANT one, and what % of that would participate if a leader took charge and started it?

  4. There's an old saying of 'all it takes is a little push to get the ball rolling," or something along those lines... but the ball has been heavily weighted down over the years by a number of things. I think it would take more than a leader to get a mass movement of followers - a very real, cataclysmic event that affected the masses (economy?) and pushed people more. There's another saying, "when ya ain't got nothin, ya got nothing to lose." Wait till more people have nothing, and then its even more a possibility. I'm with you dude, but too many people aren't, or just don't care, or have enough going for them where they're complacent with what they got. Someday soon, perhaps - afterall, a lot of shit is going down right now
  5. ... Why me?
  6. Patience.

    The time will come.
  7. But only during the commercials. ;)
  8. i am afraid if i hold my patience any longer i will probebly never live to see society change.

    this is an interesting thread on a way things could be

    of course society needs structure, and to just overthrow government without a plan would only show how we are not ready to take the power back.

    i like to think we are. i see day after day groups of people who understand how thing are, and the problem with that. all the deep thinkers who find themselves depressed when they think of how things are and their lack of control over it, well they are the ones who see what a shit hole we are creating by following the flock.

    i think many of us are ready. things dont NEED to get to an absolute low before people can get behind something. the ball does need to be pushed by someone though and no one really wants to touch it.....unfortunatly maybe it will take a draft or something like that to get all the people who skeptically doubt the government are doing us wrong and its time for a change, to get behind it as well.

    i still chuckle at the idea that 5% of the human population are controlling the other 95%, its whacked.
  9. you are the chosen one of course,lol
  10. the revolution is now​

  11. I'm totally with you man. Thats why im a journalism/political science major (our academic institutions need a revolution as well) with a passion in music. Hopefully somehow between those three I'll be able to get my name out there, and in turn my message. Just from being an avid member of gc over the years, i know for a fact that there are A LOT of people here who know whats up and are on the same page. I hope it happens - i think about it everyday, and i WILL do something about it - hopefully people join or else i look like a whack-out, but im cool with that
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    Let us get a move on, brace yourselves, this is going to be one hell of a ride.
    So much to come, so much to leave
    So much to change, so much to keep
    So much to say, so much to do

    We have to start somewhere, where?
    We have to start sometime, when?
    We have to start somehow, how?

    Wherever, whenever, however, it is within us all.

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