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    What would be your methods?

    Obviously no one wants to just hit the streets and start shooting cops. Thats just a very frowned upon method of revolution. Egypt used large protest and had to fight the cops while the military sat back and watched. Lybians had to fight a war against the Kudafi. Right now the United States is in the protest stage and its not going to work from what has been seen so far.

    So besides just shooting someone, what other methods do you think you would use during a revolution?


  2. America is very large, it's going to need to get worse for a protest to work. People aren't pissed off enough.
  3. The first thing people need to do is boycott Walmart, Sam's Club, and Costco, and start buying locally only. Hit them where it hurts the most, right in the pocket.
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    If protesting didnt work. Hypothetically what i would want to happen is masses of people, Im talking 100's of thousands storming the white house and all major government buildings and demanding change.

    Of course it would go nothing like that. I believe the only choice the government is leaving american citizens with is violent revolution. Im not talking killing cops, I would actually hope that a large part of the police force would be a part of it, You target high priority shott-callers, You either kill them or make them leave the country only two options. But again i doubt it would happen like that.

  5. Don't want to argue but Gaddafi wasn't hated by the Libyans.. his country loved him. The USA made him look back because he wanted to stop using the dollar.

    Edit: It'd be a bloody one.

  6. this.

    i personally never go to those places
  7. Well I'll toss in one common observation, Majority support of the people, or ESPECIALLY the Military. Usually does the trick best? Ofcourse when it is done by the Military it is usually just a power-turnover, not what I'd consider a revolution of "the people"
  8. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

    Americans will not revolt, maybe a handful.

    The elites know who's the 'trouble' citizens and probably have plans to rid them quick.

    Best to stay sheep, when wolves have drones and the legal right to prison you without trial.


  9. its hard not to when you're poor. id prefer to never shop there but its so much cheaper.
  10. First ima need a gun, try to find some group that would take me in.

    Need a group for this, meetings, practices, ranks/positions, tactics, ammo, food, shleters and place for storage; many of them.

    Have to go balls out, no turning back.
  11. Well all I can say is that hopefully at this point I will be so far out in the middle of nowhere in Alaska that I wont even have to worry about things like this. Get full up in military fatigues and start hunting and just living as low key as possible.
  12. well it makes sense. more alpha traits you have, the more chance you have of being successful within a society. the winners will always beat the losers.

    they have already won. don't you question "what have they won?" though. surely you see it's all silly anyway? just don't play the game.
  13. I don't know if postingin this thread will get me locked up by the NDAA
  14. Let them come!

  15. Riiiight OpenMind, I like you man.... People should watch their fucking mouth's, I've seen some rediculous shit the thing's people will say online.... They don't know man, or they don't care anymore. But they should be chill, don't put pen2paper so too speak.... Passion and courage are strong trait's, but not when used AGAINST you.

    The internet isn't the best thing since sliced fucking bread, get aware people... You are logged and filed damn.
  16. They won our minds and fears.

    In the words of a great man, 'they got us by the balls'.
  17. The binding of ignorance is loosening on the masses, you deny the world event's unfolding? The people around the world standing up too their dictator's? Something's going on universally, you may not be aware..... Or just plain pessimistic...
  18. The only way a revolution in the US would happen is if it was violent. The government is to corrupt and would never let go of their power. They would slaughter people in the tens of thousands.

    It would be a civil war more than a revolution.
  19. Bit of both.

    Logically though, the people are scared and would never revolt.

    Look at the average citizen, Facebook updating softies.
  20. i would be locked by the sun's gravitational pull and revolve around it indefinitely.

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