Reviewed- Dodo Glass- BEWARE!! This could happen to you!

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  1. I ordered from Dodo for the first (and last time) and here is a review of my experience:

    1) I created a Dodo account, placed a pipe in my shopping cart, and sent a question about an ash catcher.

    2) Next day, no answer to question, no pipe in shopping cart.

    3) Put same pipe back in shopping cart ($69), added ash catcher ($39), ordered... total $126.54.

    4) Package arrives, pipe only, no ash catcher. I go into my account and it shows one order for $126, I figure the ac was shipped separately. It's my birthday, so they pipe is used once... notice there is an interior hairline crack in the lip, no big deal, but definitely arrived with small defect.

    5) I notice there are two charges on my cc, one for $126 and one for $89. Go into my dodo account, only one ($126) order showing as processed.

    6) Contact Dodo about the double charge, they assure me only one order was processed and the $89 (temporary) charge will disappear in three days.

    7) Second package mysteriously arrives with complete order (pipe & ac), I contact dodo about returning the unsolicited first order.

    They refuse to offer an RNA (prepaid return slip) because it was "my fault" (I should have refused the delivery before opening-like I was expecting the extra order). They agree to refund purchase price if I pay to ship it back at my cost.

    9) I pay an additional $15 to insure and return it to them with all original documentation.

    10) They inform me they will not refund because the product "is used" (once and meticulously cleaned)!!

    11) I ask about defective product (small interior crack in lip) refund, they say reported too late, sorry no refund!!

    12) So I figure, they will send the pipe back and maybe I can salvage a few bucks by discounting it to a friend.

    13) NOPE, they refuse to return the pipe to me even though I have paid for it (plus double back & forth postage & ins).

    13) Bottom line, they charge me for an order that to this day has never appeared as an order in my account, refuse RNA, refuse a refund, ask for the pipe to be returned, and keep the pipe... crazy logic!

  2. I would def. be sewing them out of the ass. my mom would have straight fucked them sideways if I told her that happened to me, lol.

    good luck bro, that is some bull shit.
  3. lol anti dodo propaganda on
  4. Dude if you used the pipe and shipped it back to them they are risking their ass by even possessing it. "Meticulously cleaned" doesn't mean unused. As far as their customer service goes, sounds pretty shitty. But you can't really expect them to do much for a used peice, and even sending it back to you is putting them at risk once again.
  5. U should have sent em back the pipe u had not used yet.

    Either way it sucks for u, but u could have avoided it. :/
  6. haha that site looks sketched as fuck.

  7. This. Take it as a cheap ($100 or less) lesson learned. Never return a used piece to a business. You lost all credibility with this company, that's why they are not jumping out of windows to try and help you, peace.
  8. dont exactly know your where located, but thats why you should support your local headshop :smoking: but that is seriously lame, and the site does look sketchy, there's alot of more reputable sites to get glass on if you insist on buying online. Lesson learned, sorry man
  9. kinda brought all that stuff on yourself..

    shoulda just gone to grasscity..i mean your on grasscity forums..why not buy from them?

    just my .2
  10. Wow, harsh crowd... it goes unsaid if I could have seen how this would play out, I would just have bought locally.

    That being said, a few points in my defense, that obviously were missed by the bashers above...

    1) The pipe (only) order was, to this day, entirely unsolicited!!

    2) The unsolicited order was shipped with an inherent defect... I didn't notice until I was cleaning it (with alchohol) for return. It was not damaged in transit (way too much bubblewrap) or during the single use. Easier for a business enterprise to write off defective merchandise than create an unhappy first time customer.

    3) They did not respond to three key email communications that could have headed this whole fiasco off at the pass, and when they did respond the information was incorrect.

    4) I admit to being naive regarding the "sanctity" of an unused piece, lesson learned.

    5) My intention of the post was not to invoke foreshadowing criticism from the glass entrepeneurs onsite, but rather to warm other first time web buyers of an unprofessional enterprise... my guess is there are more than a few out there in this line of work.

    6) BTW, good news, today my Chase (cc) Sapphire fraud division has graciously credited me for BOTH purchases... so happy endings do come to those that persevere!
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    We're not being harsh. It's expected that you know not to send back a dirty pipe. If they knew it was used, it WAS dirty. Grunge off man... you needed Grunge Off.

    You don't get to choose how we respond. Sorry.

    Finally, people try to return glass they broke as defective... ALL THE TIME. That's why you immediately had a tough time with the crack. It's a glass item... it's on you to inspect it thoroughly when it arrives. Again, if you had cleaned it well none of this would be at issue.

    It seems to me that the only thing they did wrong was ship you the extra pipe... but it wasn't unsolicited. You said yourself that you put it in the cart and then proceeded with your next transaction. I can't bring myself to believe that you placed an $89 order and think you didn't complete it AND you received an $89 order and they are mere coincidence. Somehow... someway that order went through.

    Chase saved your ass and they shouldn't have. Be grateful... you just fucked Dodo or whoever out of money for something they actually did ship you. They lose out on 2 pipes and an ashcatcher for no compensation because of a chargeback. You should be thanking your lucky stars... not complaining.
  12. "Somehow, someway that order went through" my point exactly, thats what I am warning others about.

    Still to this day the duplicated (if you prefer over unsolicted) order does not show up in my account... only one order ($126) shows as shipped...

    Also three days, and two unanswered emails went by between perusing the first pipe, and the second order being placed.

    Sounds like you might work for Dodo... good luck with that!
  13. You sent them a pipe that was used illegally and they know it, why on earth do you feel so entitled?? Order responsibly next time, or better yet, buy at a local shop. I'd like to see ya try to return a "meticulously cleaned" back to them. Don't be so defensive, you should be learning something here, not trying to prove your case over and over. The jury is out and you're guilty homey, peace.
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    no i dont think he works for dodo he's just applying basic common sense and rudimentary internet shopping experience to your situation.:)

    you got your money back. and your order. cause you made a mistake. you win fool. learn from the experience all you can.

  15. Nothing more needs to be said.
  16. I ordered from them and didnt have a problem
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    first post on GC. im a member of RIU and other forums and this is my first time here. i came to GC to buy some spoons and shit cuz mine got taken by the boys and i got a POSSESSION charge on an empty bowl. what happened to paraphanelia charges?! anyway i found everything that i wanted and went to checkout. then it hits me that i cant buy them here with a visa gift card.. wtf right ?

    i come to find chunky glass. shitty site not too much variety. plus i read about NWG and said fuck that.

    rollies wont accept gift cards.

    EDIT wont accept gift cards.

    my visa gift card only works in the U.S.

    local head shop got shut down because of the salvia shit. (if u knew who jerry fallwell was, u'd know why it was shut down. he even fucks us from the grave?!)

    ebay has shitty selections

    then i see dodo glass. i thought that shit was fishy cuz theres 2 dodo sites (later found they go to same place) big ass selection but cheap prices. this to me means they're defective or china glass. either way its cheap so you're getting what you paid for. i thought "fuck it i'ma take a chance." so i bought a spoon , a small glass bong and a couple screens. total comes to $49.31 AND i used my giftcard.

    that was around 11am (8am their time). got a confirmation email as soon as i ordered, my gift card had been charged. waited all day and didnt get an email about shipping so i called the # at the bottom of the site and some arab guy answered. "Smoke shop." im like "wtf is this DODO's?" "YEP." i asked him how long it would take to ship and all that shit and he asked for my confirmation # and i gave it to him and he said everything checks out and it will be shipped today. its first class ups so it should be here soon.

    im just letting u guys kno how long it took my fucking ass to look for a decent head shop and didnt find ETSY untill 20 minutes before i posted this.

    in no way am i saying its legit or not. i'm not even 75% sure it'll even be shipped but for those that care, i'm just writing this as a final review of DODO for MYSELF and figured why not let u guys in on it. if i dont get my order, ima have no pride.. simple as that.. its all on me this time wish me luck
  18. I just wanna know this, how do you know the guy was arab, did you go there and see him face to face.?
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    on a side note - i googled their address and it came up to some shitty firearm store that has nothing but bad reviews like dodo and chunky lol

    edit: @ stem's: sorry dude didnt mean to sound racist. its just that i worked for 1 at a gas station when i was in school and he sounded da same. hell he coulda been indian for all i know

    i can bet you money its the same shit that ppl sell at flee markets but 25% higher prices

  20. i'm sure he could tell by an accent...

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