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    Just got this in the mail yesterday, and I have to say I'm in love with it already. Glass blunts are a great alternative to regular blunt wraps, and work great for toking solo, or in groups. They can be packed completely full, half way, one hit, or whatever you desire. This one in particular has a syringe-like glass slide that can be removed completely for easy cleaning, and packing the weed down. If you grind up the bud well enough it will cherry just like a real blunt, but without running, and you can push out the ashes, then tap them into a tray. It's small size makes it very concealable, and it's light weight gives it some extra durability; given that it has relatively thin glass. I would also like to note that I had concerns about sucking in ash, as it is a straight shot piece, however there's an indention on the end of the slide, which prevents any ash at all from being sucked up.
    This quality piece made from heavy-walled tubing is blown in the USA by the Grav Labs company based in Austin, TX. They make some really cool, and quality stuff that I would encourage you all to check out. Link to their website below.
    Overall I give this work of art a 10/10 for it's smooth hits, and outstanding quality. You will likely have trouble finding this specific one in any head shop, but it can be ordered from either the GrassCity Shop(Links below), or another online vendor(Google: Grav Labs Glass Blunt).
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