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Discussion in 'General' started by Eagle5220, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    i want to ask my fellow purchasers as well as any of the dealers out there if it's ever okay to buy weed in terms of how much cash you have? for example instead of saying "i want a 8th/Q/half" or whatever, you say "yeah just give me 100 bucks worth of your best stuff" is that cool? im sure theres some sort of term for it but idk it lol. just wondering your guys opinions on it as i did it once and sort of got a cold shoulder :( thanks!
  2. You will sound like you don't know the prices for the area, and probably get taken advantage of. You should always specify the weight and quality you are looking to get to make sure there isn't any confusion after you buy your bag.
  3. I do that sometimes with my dealer and his other customers do it too, but I'd ask him what you can get for x amount of money, people may try to take advantage of you if you just ask for a certain dollar amount and not a specific weight
  4. okay, i agree with you guys. i think i'll reserve this for longtime dealers that i trust and am tight with
  5. some people do it by the gram

    so 100 dollars
    ten dollars a gram

    happens all the time
  6. man jst say what you want why would you just say what you want to pay? shit if you want a huny worth my shit just went up to 50 a g.

  7. You can, but there's a high chance that you'll be taken advantage of.

    Personally, that's how I buy it.

    I just tell the dealer I want 50$ worth of weed and he brings me a certain amount of weed which is not too much, but not too little either.

    I'm happy with the amount of weed I got for my money and every time I deal with this guy, the amount is always the same.

    So... I'm happy with the arrangement.
  8. this is what I always do . . .
  9. Good way to get ripped off.

  10. This, this extremely.
  11. ive done it before, but i just asked how much x dollars would get me and if it wasnt a good amount i woulda just said no
  12. "Can you take all my money?"

    "I'll be by in ten."

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