Revenge is sweet!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by stevieponiczz, Apr 17, 2002.

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  1. Well you know the saying \"Revenge is best served cold\" ?? Soo true.

    FLASHBACK : 6 months ago

    A new girls starts hanging out with our group. I take a liking to her..we spend a little time know necking, ETC. So i\'m building up my nerve to ask her out when I find out my close friend,we\'ll call \"Baxter\" hooked up w\\ her and hes now going out with her. So I forced a smile and brushed it off.

    Fast Foreward : Last Week

    Their relationship comes crumbling down fianlly and Baxter is telling me how hes ready to \"mac it\" to all the girls. So another new girl comes out last friday I was hitting on her softly when I find out shes supposed to hook up w\\ Baxter the next night at the dance. But I dont sweat I just go all out w\\ the flirting. Come saturday night I find out Baxter didnt hook up w\\ her.

    The Reason as told by her friend : \"She wants to hook up w\\ Steve!\"

  2. Is this the same\"Baxter\" who\'s a cat on those stupid Meow-Mix cat food commercials?
  3. it is actually. I was brainstorming for a false alias and the Meow Meow jingle came to my head.

  4. Baxter is the cats name, can\'t even get it right ;)

    Those poor boy scouts don\'t know what they\'re in for *lol*
  5. shes a nice girl Critter but I think i\'ll admit the spite feels good.
  6. way to get your friend back stevieponiczz :) sometimes karma just has to make you bust out that shit-eating grin!!
    hope the 2 of you hit it off :) sounds like ya did
    take care & toke on!
  7. Go for it dude.
  8. damn that bastard baxter...... i never liked him anyways.....
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