Revenge crabs

Discussion in 'General' started by GimmieMore, Aug 28, 2008.

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  1. Fucking awesome!
    I wish I was currently mad at someone >.> <.<
  2. I know right??
  3. [​IMG]


    I'm about to order some and just infect random people I don't like.
  4. Crabs, lobsters...the front page of General is like Cape Cod today
  5. We're dreaming of beach parties
  6. The annual Grasscity luau
  7. LMFAO!!

    while reading least 10 ppl popped into my mind...the thot alone is almost worth getting moving 1000 miles away...there are at least two ppl that o would LOVE to do that to...THE DAY BEFORE im out....lolz! man..great stuff:laughing: the FUCK did you find that website btw???:confused:
  8. two words skitt:

    stumble upon

    seriously... the greatest thing ever
  9. oh my god i lol'd so much
  10. oh someone will regret getting me mad one day
  11. Fucking Hilarious!

    "Giving people crabs isn't funny!

    Actually it kind of is. I mean, if you actually think about it for a minute it really is pretty funny."

    I love that line!

  12. yeah it is
  13. OMG. They're breeding super crabs and making them wild.

    What are the Shampoo Resistant crabs, and how are they different?

    When we first launched our business, we hired on “Dave”, a promising dropout from NYU who had so much wisdom we couldn’t imagine how he couldn’t cover his tuition payments, especially considering he was on the G.I. Bill. He’s been our resident expert in Phthirus Pubis Husbandry, and he took it upon himself to spend his spare time developing a strain of Shampoo resistant parasites. Basically he feeds the batches small amounts of Permethrin (the poison that kills them) and re-breeds the survivors. Those that have come out the tail end of the breeding process are quite different in shape and color, but most importantly, they have a much greater resistance to treatment. They can still be killed, but if you don’t completely soak even one of them, they’ll come back stronger than ever, and they’ll do it over and over again.
    Isn’t the breeding of Super Crabs morally irresponsible?

    No. It’s basically fine. We’ve been wronged, so doing wrong in kind is always justified. Just be thankful the option exists for you. You’re welcome.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. whats next, "give your ex AIDS for fun!"
  16. AIDS kills.... crabs don't.

    You can go to jail for spreading AIDS intentionally..... not crabs......
  17. Super crabs will soon be able to kill
  18. LOL. Awesome. Original donkey kong ftw.
  19. Fake site, but funny as hell.

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