revegging a flowering plant???

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    does anybody know what happens if a flowering plant if introduced back into veg stage.
    just wandering what will happin to the bud will rot off ,stay on,or does anybody know

    yeah i posted it twice
  2. it will take awhile but will go back into veg.stresses the plant also though
  3. im in the process right now it seems to be working for me if you want check out my grow journal it has the pictures and everything of them.
  4. Nice pictures dude, I love revegging. My revegged bagseed is curing right now.
  5. And I thought I knew it all... until the last batch 3-4 months ago whatever I tried I just couldn't get those mothers to RE-VEG.

    Even now, starting a new batch, I'm putting some into Dormancy, 2 weeks to define sex, and am FREAK'IN that I may not be able to continue vegg'in.

    In hindsight I'm hoping it was just to cold for them, that I hope was the issue
    If not then all I can think of is that particuler 'strain'

    good luck

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