Reveggin at the end of 9 weeks for clone possible?

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  1. Title pretty much is what im askin. i have about 2-3 weeks to go on my blueberry bagseed. i was wondering if i cut off all branches besides 1 smaller flower and switch it back to 20/4 would it revegg so i could clone it. I would ask if it would be better to take that 1 small branch now and try to clone it but i dont have a seperate place to veg.
  2. maybe it may not come back at all my reveg plant had 28 flowers on her and only 2 of the sites produced any kinds of branches
  3. its possible but will take forever, better to just aquire a new clone. I pulled some clones off a plant that had been in flower for under 2 weeks and it took way over three weeks and some didnt even root. and otherwise i have at least a 99%on clones cut from mother. In my opinion its not worth it. If you want to have a plant ready when you cut harvesting cut the clone off before you flower her. that way its nice healthy 2 mths old when you put each one to flower.
  4. i got ya but this was gone for my outdoor grow in june i have plenty of time for it to revegg and then root a clone or 2 and i would liek to keep the srtain cause it is nice a fruity smell when u touch the plant and when i open my closet it jsut smell like stinky feet i love it lol...
    anyway this is my 2nd plant and the colas are super hard and perty dense just would liek to try and keep it to see what it produces outdoors...thanks for the input!
  5. In that case couldnt hurt to try. I would keep 3 to 4 small branches maybe 6 inches up from the base. keep as many leaves and shoots as you can.

  6. Hi, absolutely. i have done this on several occasions. Just slowly cut it back, and when I did it i put it on 24/0. Both times I have done it my second harvest was WAY more than my first. It definatly is possible, and reasonable despite what other poster have posted.

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  7. well you are talkin about a plant that can pretty much do what ever you ask of it but remember treat her right or she may hermie on you
  8. Do u have pics of your revegged plant?
  9. Alas, I do not. I might multi-harvest one of my current headband plants. If I do I will surley document it, and show you how it goes!!
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    this is from when i revegged my GDP, one of the first little bits of regrowth. I've revegged the same plants 2x and had great results every time. Some reveg more readily than others. I've not had any hermie issues, either.


  11. the pics are crazy... kinda hard to wrap your mind around lol but nice. and this is from just leaving 1 bud site on their intact? and if so did u just trim the rest of the branches off so it focuses all its strength towards that site?
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    I think it's kinda obvious I didn't trim everything else off :p that's just where it started regrowing

    I don't worry about the plant "focusing its strength" towards anything, I'm pretty sure it can determine that on its own. I just cut off what I want to harvest and leave the rest. I pull off the stuff that is dead/dying but that's about it. The first time I did it, I repotted the plants and cut half of the roots off, they revegged just fine. 2nd time I didn't move the plants cuz they were in an ebb/flow system, just set the light to 24/0 and started feeding light veg nutes.

    I would think it would be better leaving it on the plant rather than cutting it and attempting to clone it that way. On difficult-to-clone strains, some people air-layer the clones, making them root while attached to the mother plant. They continue getting nutrition and water from the mother's roots so they don't dry up and die like a normal cutting might. Just keep in mind that the plant won't be using so much water cuz it has much less foliage to support, but still has all that root mass...don't overwater

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