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  1. I've looked all over, but I cant find any faq's for revegetating. Is it worth it?

    And also, what happens if you put a plant in flower stage for a week, and then take it back to 24/0 cycle.

    Also, is it harmful to change a vegitating plants light cycle (In the middle of growing I increased it to 24/0)
  2. I wouldnt do that per se, but I was curious since I know that new sprouts start at old buds.

    And I meant reveging for another yeild ie leaving a few buds on the bottom and let it reflower in another few weeks. I was told every time that you revege, it looses some of its potency.
  3. thanks for the help, btw, you saw my plants. Do you know what the yellowing might be caused by?
    My brother is an experienced grower...3 years now and about 200 plants during that time...Told me I needed nitrogen.
    also, what do you think for less than three weeks of growth time. (I know they stretched =( )
  4. Im thinking of flowering them in 1 more week. those pictures were about 3 days ago, and since I've madea few changes, they look alot better. No sense in letting 3 weeks go to waste. I'm in no hurry for a large yield yet.

    Still need the experience as far as the flowering goes ;). I got the seeds from a killer strain that I smoked, I dont even know if they are all fems. The stuff I smoked was really good, but you could tell it was badly grown. I'll see if I can do better. I plan on growing 3 plants per cycle and reveging them all for a single week and then transplant outside since I have 2 acres of seclusion. My duds will go outside to grow for hash, my prizes will stay inside for good smoking ;)

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