reveg plant after harvest?

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    I heard this is possible, the plant will be 2 feet tall at harvest in a 4 gallon bucket. I am thinking about cutting it down to a size where i can place it in a beer cup and just adjusting the photo period to 24/0 or 18/6 and seeing if i can regrow it..

    any advice?

    from what i quickly read its all about leaving the bottom 3rd of the plant, 24hrs light, and lots of nitrogen but i would like to know more...
  2. nope... you don't see others doing it because its a total waste of time... sorry bro.. but feel free to give it a go and make sure you have a journal so others won't make the same mistake...
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    I saw this mentioned by a grower on a doc on Netflix. It seems to me that in an environment with a super mild winter after the plant flowers it doesn't really get cold enough to die so it sort of hibernates then wakes back up when the lighting is right. I bet if you let the plant stay in the dark for for like 2 more days after harvest cut the roots baxd repotted then changed your lighting to 6500k and let them slowly work up to 18/6 or 24/0 over say 2 or 3 weeks they'd come right back

    I'll have to read up on its natural growth cycle. Assuming the grower(outdoors) wasn't full of shit, if we can trick the plant into growing on our schedule of a fake spring summer autumn why can't we fake a tropical winter. I know its hard to get a flowering plant to go into veg but you harvest the plant really isn't flowering any more
  4. Look up cannabis Senescence or Rejuvenation Stage. It is possible but it sounds like it could be variety and condition based. I'll try it with mine when they are done if they make it.
  5. It can be done. Leave some of the bottom buds when you chop it. The buds are where new growth will come in. It will take a few weeks before you get any new growth. It can be done.

  6. Agreed, the only way that you are going to be able to reveg her is if you had left most of the lower growth on the plant. From the bottom 1/3 of the plant that most people cut off all the small popcorn buds and shoots, those popcorn buds are what will have new nodes come out of them during reveg. Although it does take a while for the plant to recover.

    This would only be an option if you had a strain you REALLY enjoyed the smoke from, and have no other way of getting that one again.
  7. I saw a garden one time that the guy only did re-veg. His plants were old man. They did look like shit though after all that.
  8. my friend tried this one time and the plant did reveg to the point where he could cut clones of it but the plant grew extremely slow and from start to finish of reveg it was about 2 months and not worth the time in my opinion
  9. ok, wow, this is great feedback. i guess it is not worth it in my case. thanks all.

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