Returned a lost wallet today

Discussion in 'General' started by J.Wallace, May 16, 2010.

  1. Hello fellow blades, Happy Sunday! Yeah, today has been treating me well so far. I decided last night I was gonna stay home today and prepare myself mentally for my GED test tomorrow and Wednesday, so to keep my mind occupied I took a bike ride not too long ago. I went out, and rode around my neighborhood for a little bit. While I was riding around the Burger King parking lot, I found something on the ground. It was a wallet! I immediately stopped and looked around. I quickly picked it up, without opening it, and put it in my pocket and rode off.

    I stopped once I got a block or two away and looked through it. It had no money in it, but it had an I.D, a credit card or two, as well as some college ID's and metro cards. I checked the I.D. and saw he lived 2 blocks from my house so I went to drop it off. As I approached the house, a older looking man was leaving. I asked him if he knew the guy who's wallet I found. After he said he lived there, I took out the wallet and showed him everything inside. I gave it to him and he told me to hold on a minute. He went inside, and 30 seconds later a lady came out and thanked me. She handed me $10, I was kinda dumbfounded but I graciously accepted. We shared thank you's a second time and I rode off on my bike back to my house.

    When I got home, I grabbed a Gatorade and sat on my couch to catch my breath. 5 minutes went by and I decided to go for a second bike ride. So, I go out and start riding around my neighborhood for another hour or two. While I was riding around the second time, I notice something on the ground yet again. This time its green. It caught my eye, a familiar sight. What did I find this time? A fifty dollar bill! What a day this is turning out to be. As soon as I found it, I rode straight back to my house to put it in safe keeping. Then I went back out to continue riding.

    I already decided I'm gonna buy an eighth of some magic mushroom and two grams of bud to smoke when I'm tripping. I'm gonna take them Wednesday, maybe Thursday. I have my GED test Monday and Wednesday morning, so I want to have a clear head and after I finish both parts I'm going to celebrate by taking mushrooms and tripping for the first time. The great part is, I was already planning on spending money on the mushrooms and bud, but finding this money just helps me because it saves me $50 of my own money.

    What a day! :smoking:
  2. I need to take a ride in your neighborhood.
  3. no bullshit
  4. Don't you love that feeling you get when you know you helped somebody out hardcore?
  5. Yeah, it definitely feels good. I saw the guy had credit cards and was a local college student, so I checked to see where he lived and saw he lived 2 blocks from my house, so I just rode over to his house and returned it. Figured I'd save him the hassle of having to report his cards stolen, and go through the hassle that comes with losing a wallet.
  6. I love that feeling. I lost my wallet once and it was returned, minus 26 dollars. But I was still happy nonetheless. They deserved it anyways because it would have cost a lot to replace all my cards. Not to mention if someone bad found it.

  7. Thats good you returned it...

    I found a wallet once on the way home from school when I walked.. it had no money but 2 credit cards, a few movie pass coupons and alot of other shit. I tracked him down and he was really greatful! Made me feel pretty good. 2 weeks later I found a cell that seemed to be a business phone. I just used the phone and called 'HOUSE' lol :)
  8. I don't return wallets. People need to learn to keep their shit under control and returning $432.00 isn't going to teach them anything about responsibility. Bottom line is I find your wallet, I keep your wallet.
  9. :rolleyes:

    People make mistakes. Wallets fall out of pockets. I'm sure you've lost something before.

    How about "I find your kid, I keep your kid." I'm sure you'd be bitching then. If something doesn't belong to you you don't keep it, and that's the bottom line. If nobody claims it, then fine, but if you find a wallet with identification in it then be a decent human being and return that wallet to that person. With what a big deal identity theft is today it's the least you can do.

    It always amazes me what shit heads some weed smokers can be...all while bitching and moaning about the way people treat them for smoking the herb.
  10. see, Karma's not a bitch as long as you're not a bitch! Way to go on returning the wallet! Most people wouldn't :(
  11. I do the same thing when I find a cell. I look for "home", "mom", and "dad" first off!
  12. Me too! I figure I might as well try to contact a person they might know, maybe to get in touch with them to return the phone.

  13. What a douche.
  14. Sometimes a lesson need not be "learned" in the harshest of ways, especially when you realize we're all human, and we all make mistakes in life.

    Maybe you should re-think your logic here, especially when thinking about items you own that have sentimental value.

  15. Why do you have to be such a dick? People lose shit, it's an accident I'm sure you've made a few in life.. You gota be nice, respect people,and chill out bro
  16. I lost my mind, so if you see it..................

    +rep on returning the wallet.
  17. to be honest, in the past, I usually take the cash and return the wallet. But seeing that 1 dudes response about how he "doesnt return wallets".... made me change my mind altogether.
    From this day forward i'll return it with the money inside as well.
  18. One time i found someones ANCIENT dachshund walking around my yard so I took him in and found his owners a few hours later, I was happy to reunite them with their dog since they were from out of town and had brought their dog with em.

    They were so happy they gave me 50 bucks, which i tried to refuse twice but they insisted.

    I'll always remember you Willis ( what i had named the dog the five hours i kept him).

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