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Return to the world of Dank.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by chullen1, May 28, 2009.

  1. It has been well over a month of smoking mids and frankly I was tried of it. But I got a lucky call today, my guy said he had a half o of some really fluffy dank he wanted to get rid of, so of course I jumped on it. Paid 230, let me just say this stuff is super uplifting and gave me a bunch of keif. It was still very potent also, took some photos but need a good macro lenses for my D60 for better shots so these will have to do till I can get another lense. Here we go, not sure the name but reminds me of some Sour D I had a few months ago with the same aroma and taste.


    This has to last till my trip to SC. Then everything will be straight.
  2. 230 for a half ounce? thats mad ridiculous but if youve got the money and been dry then why not.

    looks like the skunky chron i just had.
  3. 230 is kinda killer but looks really dank...

    Where you going in SC?

  4. 230 is average around here for really good dank. I am going to Isle of Palms
  5. wow i wish i was your dealer. Id be fuckin rich
  6. It is just hard to come by that is all, since my area is infested with mids. I am always trying to find better bud like some GDP or Purple Kush is what I really want now. Just so hard to get around here

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