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  1. So I heard that if you turn in a resume(especially when your 18) that you have a way higher chase of scoring the job.
    Ive made a resume once. And I'm not really looking how to make a resume cause I can google that but how do I use it. Do I just walk in had it to the manager then say deuces til they hire me?
    Also what are some pro tips?
  2. make a t-shirt with your resume on it and walk around town. everybody will be calling you, man
  3. you have a higher chance of scoring a job??? the fuck???? without a resume they can't even fucking contact you. hahahahahaha
  4. Yes, walk in & hand them your resume. Then immediately leave.

    Almost never fails.

    Really though, make a resume.
  5. Ask if they have an application you need to fill out, if they do turn in the resume with the application, if they don't just turn in your resume and thank them for their time.
  6. How old are you? Where did you grow up? I'm actually curious, you sound pretty sheltered man, I'm not bashing.
  7. Im 18 In upper middle class suburb town. Pretty much everyone is spoiled here, I'm not as spoiled as other people. (I bought my car pay for gas and insurance which is very rare around here.) I've always filled out applications but never made a resume

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