Restrictions on the right to bear arms

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  1. Now, at one time, I was once a supporter of restrictions of the right to bear arms, but recently, that's changed. After thinking about it in a new sense, I've come to the conclusion that anyone should be allowed to carry a gun of any sorts on them at any time. I believe this because no matter what, the "bad guy" is going to have a gun on him if he wants it. Now imagine this, a bank robber walks into a bank and starts shooting into the air. He's going to rob the bank and none of the customers can stop him. Now if anyone had the right to bear arms, say 10 outta the 35 people in the bank have some sort of weapon on them. Would that one bank robber walk into the bank or would he think, shit, I'm gonna get my ass kicked by the other citizens in there. I might want to reconsider this one.

    Any other opinions on this? Let's spice up the box a little...
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    Yes, I think everyone within reason should be able to buy a gun. I was never big on guns other than the "cool" factor until I had a series of near break in's/robbing. Now I'm a very happy gun owner knowing I can stop a potential threat to myself and loved ones.

    I say within reason because I think there should be tests, waiting periods, and certain qualifications to own a gun. If anyone can walk to the store and get one I feel that's a lot of dumb people now armed.

    I do think we have a decent system now where guns most commonly used in crimes are harder to get and most people don't realize just how simple and fast getting a shotgun or rifle can be.
  3. Limiting freedoms is never ok.
  4. I'm a gun owner, NRA member, and lover of our rights. But I think there should be some rights on guns. You have a felony.. no gun. An accused spousal abuser (even no felony) no gun.. you have prior cirmes with guns.. no gun. I also think that registration of all firearms should be monitored so if a serial number of a weapon can be used to find a murder the better.

    I know I'm weird like that; but I have those beliefs based on the fact I don't care who knows I own a gun or for that matter used a gun and understand the argument of being "targeted"; but it also shows gun owners for gun support voters.
  5. I agree with those 100%, forgot to mention some. But what I mean by no restrictions is they shouldn't be as difficult to get, as many rules on where you can bring them/how concealed. There's more people in this world with good intentions than those with bad, and I think it would definitely do a lot of good if people could defend themselves/others more readily.
  6. me and my dad were talking about this today. he says he has the right to own whatever weapon he wants for self defense and he is also considering purchasing an assault rifle for his birthday. i can see owning a gun for protection/sport, like a pistol or a shotgun, but who really NEEDS a machine gun? they only make bad situations worse with some of the crazy fucks in this country.
  7. Yes, but don't you think there are more sane people then crazy people? Some people may disagree with this for their own personal reasons, but there are more people out there looking to save lives then take lives. With that being said, wouldn't it be safer if everyone had guns? Don't you think that someone would think twice before pulling the trigger knowing that anyone around them could easily take them out? It's like it was during the Cold War. We dropped a nuke during WWII cause we were the only ones to have them. But during the Cold War, we thought twice before pressing that button because the Russians had just as many. Just like prohibition, governments should learn from the past and make changed. The same laws don't apply now as they did way back when.
  8. Here's my thing. If everyone own'd a gun and everyone knew everyone owned a you really think violence would be so high all over the world (Primarily in inner cities) hell no! why, cause no one would dare try someone with a gun. Back when I was in high school this guy told me how he prevented a robbery because the guy who tired to rob him knew he was holdin and therefore didn't wanna try him.

    So I think everyone should be allowed to hold, carry and use firearms.
  9. Isn't that the theory behind nuclear arms race?
  10. [​IMG]

    I think full-auto assault rifles should be legal.
  11. Unfortunately I have to put up this disclaimer in order to reduce the amount of flames I get for posting this...


    People keep saying they have the "right to buy a gun, right to carry a gun, right to use a gun...."

    The thing is, and folk glance over it, that the second amendment guarantees the "right to bear arms". It does not say anything about the right to bear fire arms. Nor does it say the right to bear all arms.

    I've shot many hand guns and rifles in my day and I love putting the m14A1 on "rock'n'roll" and emptying the entire mag in 2 seconds, but weapons like these just aren't necessary outside of warfare and the target range.

    That's my 2 pennies.
  12. Just a reminder to keep this thread on topic. If it moves to the glorification of guns for violence or pics start popping up, it'll be over. It appears to be good as it is, though. :)

    Good job, Blades. :D

    I agree with you on restrictions. There are people out there that shouldn't have guns. Crazy people. Desperate people. Vengeful people. We have to have some kind of restrictions.

    I can think of a handful of people right now that absolutely shouldn't even be near a gun much less own one.

    I'd love to still believe that we have more people in this world with good intentions rather than bad but I've started to question that lately. :( I hope you're right, though. I really do.
  13. screw this we should go back to dueling.

    (this is sarcasm)

    but obviously "the right to bear arms" thats pretty straightforward

    i agree people should have the right.
  14. I agree with pretty much everything that has been said so far. My main gripe is the status of many concealed carry laws. Here in Wisconsin (and Illinois), it is 100% illegal to conceal a firearm on your person. I agree with needing to pass some sort of firearm competence test to own one, but you shouldn't need any sort of license to carry it without drawing heat for legally open carrying.

    Also, it is illegal to have a loaded weapon in any motor vehicle.

    What's the point of the right to bear arms if I have to forfeit that right while driving?

    A defensive tool becomes completely useless if I have to have it unloaded, cased, and out of arm reach. It's a shame that I can walk around the streets with a pistol on my hip, but I become a felon if I get into my car.

    That brings me to another hot topic in my mind... gun free school zones. You can't carry a gun within 1,000 feet of a school (unless you have a CC license, which I can't). It's basically advertising to criminals that everyone in the general vacinity, and the school itself, is utterly defenseless.
  15. Well first off, thank you for letting this thread to stay alive. But back to what you quoted, what I meant by good intentions is not overall, just if they were put in the situation to kill others or to save others, more people would be with saving others. They may not have good intentions overall, but that one instinct is what this thread is based on. Sorry if that didn't make sense, I'm real fucked up at the moment:smoke:
  16. I actually disagree about the felony thing. Growing MJ is a felony and not a violent crime, so unless they fix our judicial system to reclassify non-violent crime as a misdemeanor then I think felons who haven't done a violent crime should be able to buy weapons. Basically, if your crime had malicious intent to cause harm to another person then you shouldn't be allowed to buy a gun, but if you went to jail for tax evasion or some other white collar/non-violent crime you should be able to once you've served your time.
  17. I plan on buying a gun soon so when shit hits the fan in America I know mother fuckers might think twice before coming into my house and taken my family and food away from me.

    Also shooting guns at shit is cool. :cool:

  18. And let's not forget about the looming zombie threat :D
  19. I fantasize almost to the point of erection about zombies taking over, ROFLMAO. I am about damn serious about that, too. :smoke:
  20. :laughing: When the zombies come, I'm out:bolt:

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