RestoraPet - Enhance, boost and prolong your companions time - SAVE on vet bills later.

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Rebel4Liberty, Apr 27, 2016.

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  1. Hello fellow blades,

    I have something to share with all pet owner with pets of ANY AGE all mammals. I've had the privilege of connecting with the founder and creator of something AMAZING. So amazing, that I'm putting my 2 cats on it regularly, not because they need it, but to minimize disease and illness later on. Would you pay 30.00 to save on 100's to 1000's in the senior years ? How about all the stress and anguish that goes with it. Instead of me going on and on, just watch Hunter go from limping to running around in 7 days. It's not just older age. Starting young, can give added benefit of stronger health through again. The mission is to make pets healthy, happy and live longer.

    DISCLAIMER : I'm NOT employed by this company! I only know the founder on personal level who I'm helping get the word about this incredible stuff.
  2. I give my pet's cannabis. It's free lol.

    Thanks tho.

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  3. My pit beela loves stems. I could probably give her a full bowl of them. When i roll up a blunt she sits there patiently like i have food
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  4. Ah, so does that mean cannabis is going to keep your pets around longer than average, and lets get real. Some animals don't like cannabis. I had one cat eat the dead and dying browned fan leafs as they fell off when I grew and he would sit by me when I smoked, now I have 2 Birmans and they can't stand the smoke of cannabis and run away.
  5. To be honest, some of my pet's have been around too long already lol.

    But hey, if that stuff work's, good for you op.

    :peace out:

  6. Oh man, I wouldnt give that stuff to my dog. Some of the ingredients are ok but I wouldnt give my girl Linoleic acid, like wtf. I don't even want that shit. Reduced inflammation..ugh, more than likely the opposite. Omega 3s? No, the vast majority are rancid (oxidized) before they are even ingested. I'll stick with the prey model raw diet, it has everything a dog needs to live a long healthy life.

    • Ubiquinol (CoQ10) – healthy circulation, energy, optimized immune function, gastrointestinal health, healthy gums.
    • All 4 Tocopherols and All 4 Tocotrienols (Complete vitamin E) – healthy immune system, cardiovascular health, connective tissue health, cellular and respiratory health.
    • EPA/DHA (Omega-3) – healthy coat and skin, reduced inflammation, immune system regulation, lower blood pressure and triglycerides, healthy weight.
    • Lutein – eye health, prevention of cataracts.
    • Zeaxanthin – eye health, prevention of cataracts.
    • Linoleic acid (Omega-6) – healthy coat and skin, reduced inflammation, immune system regulation.
  7. Well I'm not a chemist, but I can tell you you're unaware of the proprietary and active ingredients, focusing on secondary. Your making baseless assumptions.

    The Vitallitrol is and the other "And the Lipo Fullerene is a super antioxidant 60 times as strong as all others. This is really where we differentiate ourselves we stumbled on to Fullerenes quite by accident"

    RestoraPet is a breakthrough blend of 12 antioxidants along with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Each bottle of RestoraPet contains 50 milligrams of Vitalitrol(R), a remarkable proprietary antioxidant that begins working from the very first administered dose to rehabilitate and protect your pet at the cellular level. RestoraPet's proprietary antioxidant blend is able to freely pass through cell membranes and neutralize free radicals, accessing cellular structures other antioxidants simply cannot reach.
  8. How are they baseless? The ingredient list is right there.

    I'm also having a hard time finding out just wtf Vitalitrol is, I found the trademark but virtually no other info. Can you point me in the right direction? All I see is paid advertisement for this product, no real reviews besides the few on amazon.
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