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restless leg syndrome

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by aldkgh, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. its driving me nuts , my legs feel so uncomfortable at night when im trying to sleep , does this qualify for use of medicinal marijuana?
    does anybody else have RLS and does the herb help you ?

    (i`v only starterd getting RLS in the last 2 weeks and i hav`nt gotten any pot in 3 weeks apart from smoking during the day with friends)
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  2. Yes it will. Especially if you have documentation from your MD.
    uncomfortable doesn't describe the Intense feeling & I know exactly what you mean.
    It feels like you're going to explode if you dont move your body......Right?

    I find lots of exercise to make you extra tired for Dream time, & some strong Bubble Hash, works to over come & knock me out quickly......Before the Intensity of the RLS sets in.
    It seems the more slowly relaxed I am & get .... the stronger the RLS comes on. So I attempt to rush it with Hash to quickly sleep.
    But even that doesn't always work. sometimes the RLS will sneak up in my sleep & awake me again till I succumb to total exhaustion. Does that happen to you also??

    I really hopes this helps you in some way.
  3. I also have this
  4. narcissistic thanks for the information , im sorry to hear you also have this nasty condition , and yes i have to constantly keep my legs moving at night its totally horrible , i dont know much about it because its only started the last few weeks , i just really hope it doesent get worse
  5. You are always welcome Aaron.
    I like your sig & hope our other "us" doesn't suffer from RLS also LOL!
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    great info provided!
    The doc did prescribed Requip which he said was a drug that was made for & helps Parkinsons or muscle dis-ease.

    I refrain from taking it because it makes me very nauseous if I dont fall asleep within about 45 minutes time. & it also makes me feel sick in the morning when I wake, but that's just me.

    My system is very sensitive to pills.
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    It's not just you- I got spells of vertigo after taking Requip. It was a contributing (but not main) factor for me getting my card. MK Ultra and Champagne seem to work best for my RLS.
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  8. Thank you for that info. I always wondered If it affected others the same.
    Now I know for sure. thanks again.

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