Restarted my WoW Membership

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by HighPoint 420, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Its been over 2 years since I have played. Been trying to fill my nights with something to do and figured maybe get back into an MMO. I first started up my old RS account, fucking boring.. That game still just takes hours and hours to do nothing in. So today I just started my membership on WoW back up and at a loss of what to do. Most of the shit I don't even remember what it does so I guess I will be starting a new toon. How many blades still play? Anything new to do in the game? Its got to beat the hell out of RS...
  2. Dungeons, farm to make money, level crafting and gathering. And leveling. If you have a max level there's raiding and pvp. I still haven't got a 90 been too lazy after this last xpac , got 5 85's and a 86
  3. I just have up to WotLK I didn't buy cat yet, not sure that I will but I have 2 80s and some 40s..
  4. I play now.

    I just run dungeons and do quests. I like the story.

    Level 30
  5. dont do it..unless you want to commit to a good raiding guild..

    if not..check my gw2 thread.
  6. I started a pandorian or whatever. Its not too bad. Been so long since I played I enjoy it. I don't believe I am going to bother raiding and shit again, those just took way too long and too many hours behind em.
  7. if anyones on sen'jin hit me up. just started playing again last month, only have up to Wotlk right now.
  8. Anyone on Eonar, hit me up. Currently leveling Colra, a Monk.

    Other than that, I'm usually on these toons.


    EDIT: Forgot, I'm Alliance
  9. Im on hydraxis Horde.

  10. did u get that last name from eragon? haha

  11. Yes, I did, fuck. Made the toon back in Vanilla and every time I log on and say ANYTHING in trade chat, at least two people whisper me asking that same fucking question.

    Seriously, I've had hundreds (maybe thousands) of people ask me that, lol.
  12. ^^ Haha gets peoples attention though, maybe find groups easier? Lol

  13. Yes, but not the attention I would like. From the beginning of BC to about the end of Cata, I was like... a server household name. Everyone knew me (for good or bad, mostly bad).

    I trolled the fuck out of the server.

    I was like the new Yen (only long time Eonarians would know who that is) until I quit cause Cata was boring as fuck.
  14. I like the new spin with the panda toons, its still the same basic idea but kinda fun starting somewhere new.

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