Restarted my grow!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TNhomegrown, May 25, 2018.

  1. Hey folks. As a few of you may have notice my recent grow that went south quick due to I’m assuming to hot of soil. So I tossed it and restarted my grow with two new plants. Jack Herrer and a blueberry. Each are about 2 weeks old. These are in nothing but peat moss and perlite. Watering once a week or when I can tell the container feels super light. I repotted one into a one gallon and luckily it did great after transplant, no wilting no nothin. But however the soil kinda fell apart on me so I’m going to give the other one a few more weeks before transplanting. In another week I’m going to top dress a little bit of the final soil they’ll go in just to give them a little food to give them an extra boost. How do y’all think it’s going so far? IMG_2353.JPG IMG_2354.JPG

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  2. Looking good my friend!
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  3. Thank you!

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  4. Little bit of top dressing has been added. Hopefully it’ll shoot these plants up and grow a lot more before there next transplant!

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  5. Off to a good start
  6. Good start

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