Rest In Peace Ricky, you were a bloody top bloke

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  1. I put this on facebook, but GC has to know the awesomeness that is my Uncle and hopefully his stories and spirit will live on forever
    "Thank you to the greatest and most resilient man I have ever met. After getting hit by a truck when you were 4 and breaking every bone in your body, to repeating the same process at 18 and getting told you would never walk again, to telling the doctors to go fuck themselves and the neck brace they gave you and just toughing it out is beyond admirable. Your cheeking grin you would give everyone to the back hand comments, you were just so funny and witty. Growing up hearing all your scary stories, you seemed superhuman to me, your I don't give a fuck attitude and stereotypical Aussie blokeness it was hard to not love you mate. I was honoured to finally be able to share a beer with you last Christmas, sadly the stuff that killed you would be my last cherished moment of you.

    Even in death you were such a fighter, even though you couldn't breathe by yourself you were still wiggling and blinking until the plug was pulled. You have given me a new meaning on life that no one else could give it just goes to show you have to live life to the fullest

    You were a fucking top bloke, great Uncle and a better friend. Christmas will never be the same without you mate, this beer is for you.

    I'm not going to say Rest In Peace, because peace and quiet was never in your vocabulary, raise the roof where ever you are mate because the party has just started. I'll see you whenever my time is, just make sure to have a fresh one for me. Love you mate and always will

    Rest in Paradise
    Rick <3 "
  2. Sounds like a great guy, rest in paradise RickySent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  3. Shadows and dust.

  4. Rip. sounds like a good guy
  5. d'awwww rip Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    Sorry for your loss! 
  7. Sorry for your loss mate. I lost my grandfather last July so I can relate a little...he was a fighter as well. Your uncle sounds like a great guy. Sent from my pet cactus in year 1056 AD
  8. Sorry for your loss.. :( 
  9. R.I.P. I raise my glass in his honor ^^
  10. this may sound silly, but i read this, and i could actually really feel the love you have for him. gave me chills. and respect for him!
  11. Rip Ricky

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  12. Brought a tear to my eye.
    Makes me think about my little nephews and how I'm like him.

    RIP Ricky! Wly!
  13. I lost my grandpa in june :(
  14. a right proper eulogy

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