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  1. Just signed up today, and I know it's been a while since the 6th.. but on the 6th me and my buddy packed the bowl and waited patiently for 4:20 to light up.

    It was cool because on the way to our spot we saw a Jamaican flag with BM's face in the middle of it being flown from an apartment balcony.

    Of course when we got back we played a list of strictly Bob Marley. :smoke:

    Like I said, I know it's been a few days, but anyone else wait 'til 4:20, or did you light up at 12:01 or just whenever you woke up?

    One Love,
    One Heart
  2. I smoke whenever I got weed. 4:20 is just a cool coincidence if you're smoking and you look at the clock or something and you're like oh ha!
  3. Haha I'll admit it, we were planning on smoking before dinner, so we were about to head to our spot, noticed the clock was at 4:04 and that's when we knew we'd get there then wait. :D
  4. if it's real close to 420, i'll wait... but otherwise, no.
    i smoke when i want to smoke.
    plus waiting for 420 never even works out anyway.. usually get distracted and miss it.

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