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  1. I find that the one way we show others we care about them is to have respect for them. Respect in their view points, respect not always insisting we are right, or always have our own way. We put other's needs first and show them the highest respect by honoring their wishes. This is so often difficult to do. There are times I want to smack the shit out of people. But I don't. I behave with respect. The people I want to hit the most are the ones who are not disrespectful to me, but to my co-workers, my friends or my family. Don't disrespect my family. Because it makes me take the higher road. I will bow out gracefully declaring you the champion. But you will never see my face or my family EVER again. You will be dead to me. I will have respect for your right to be a total dickhead. You just have no choice but to respect my choice to be left alone.

    How about you? How do you view the giving and receiving of respect. I kindly accept the respect of your reply. It would greatly respect me to hear how you feel.
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    Respect or GTFO

    Actually iv'e given 2 friends each a 1g blunt.

    The reason was this couple came over that disrespected me and my line of work last time they were here so i had my real friends blow a whole blunt to themselves in there face for free.

    That bitch was like "Blunts? Blunts? I wanna smoke a blunt! who threw down? whats going on?"

    Then they understood when my friend accidentally handed the guy the blunt then quickly took it back when he remembered hahaha.

    I added "It's a reward for my loyal friends" then turned back to the computer and ignored their presence until they left.
  3. [quote name='"l James l"']Respect or GTFO[/quote]

  4. It takes a lot to gain my respect. That being said I fully respect a very small number of people in this world.
  5. You shouldn't have respect for shit that shouldn't be respected

    other than that you're good
  6. There are two ways to gain someone's either be admired or feared..I prefer fear..people know if I'm known shown proper respect I beat it into you..

    And as far as giving's a rarity for me..those in authority over me or my equal brothers..or the woman I love..

    But then again im kind of an asshole :/

  7. It's better to be feared than loved, but not hated. -Machiavelli

  8. state of mind is this..I only give a fuck of what my club thinks of me..there are few exemptions to that..I dont care if the entire world hates long as you respect me
  9. No one has to gain my respect, but they can easily lose it if they do not treat me with respect in return.

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