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  1. I got a new appreciation for my SNES. I just went out and got a brand new - never opened - copy of Gradius III, and I have to say I have been more entertained and consumed with this game than any game I have ever played... I think we need to figure out why Super Nintendo can handle better games than the new wave of consoles... I mean c'mon. Halo 3? meh. GTA4? It was good, but meh. Gears of War? OK that game was pretty cool, but it was no gradius III (Hell it wasn't even a Contra III). I guess what I'm saying is that my SNES has better games than the PS3 and XBOX 360, and that just aint right.
  2. There's usually more challenge to the old school video games than whatever crap they have coming out now. Most of the games coming out now are coddling to the casual gamer. Halo, GTA, GoW, CoD, etc. The only real way to have a competitive game at any of these is online and the majority of people who play don't.

    I still have my SNES packed in a box somewhere with all my Super Marios, Contras, Street Fighters, Mortal Kombats, Killer Instinct, Donkey Kong Countries, you name it, I probably have it or have played it. The nostalgia factor could have something to do with it too. It just feels great to play a game you haven't touched in 5-10-15 years and either a.) wreck it or b.) feel stupid because you used to be able to wreck it.
  3. hell yeah man metal slug, and donkey kong all fuckin day
  4. You speak the truth. I think you are dead on with companies making games easy for the casual gamers. I mean when was the last time you actually had to work to beat a new game? Yeah the nostalgia is good too, but Gradius III is totally new to me and I still love the hell out of it. Man, I should start a game company that takes gaming back to its roots... We need some god damn new side scrollers... shit what happened to them?
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    Try Halo with all the skulls on,Its pretty hard. Makes me leave holes in the wall, But I would have to say that the oldies are just as good as the new stuff and they had their time and shined greatly during those years and still sparkle every time you pick it back up to play it after all these years.

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