Respect Bears

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  1. I have such respect for bears. They are such amazing creatures.

    So gifted physically. So strong. Their appearance is majestic.

    There is so many cool things about them.

    I love the bear.





  2. coolest bear

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  3. i'd love to be able to toke up and chill with a bear.
  4. The bear will eat you and your buds.

    I respect bears; enough to stay away from them.

  5. LMFAO Ha!
  6. Bears are are cool...

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    ...but catz rule :D
  7. Close Encounters With Bears

    I always like to travel in the bush with at least two other people. There is truth to the old adage "safety in numbers", and you will have a better chance to avoid conflict. If you do have a close encounter with a bear DO NOT RUN! This is very, very important to remember. This will trigger the bear's predator instincts. That is one thing you do not want to do! Back off slowly always facing the bear. Talk to the bear to let it know you are human. Wave your hands and jump up and down to let the bear know you are there. This may sound crazy, but it works. If by chance the bear does charge, hold your ground. It may be a false charge. This is hard to do, and most people feel the need to run. Unless you have a tree nearby to climb, stay put. The Kodiak brown bear does not climb trees (at least not that I know of). I have viewed cubs in trees many times, but not adults. If the bear makes contact with you, fall to the ground face down with your hands covering your head. Play dead and hope for the best.

    Bear Fact:One of the most common factors leading to problems with bears is when you surprise them. Always make noise in bear country to let the animals know you are coming. Bear bells are great to have. If you are working the streams and rivers the vegetation is usually thick. Bears bed down in these areas, and you can easily come upon animals here. Making noise will insure the bear knows you are coming.

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  8. bears. beats. battlestar galactica.
  9. When I was in the San Bernadino mountains, I was throwing trash into a dumpster when I heard and saw two black bear cubs shoot up a tree and momma standing on her hind legs. I know they say you're not suppose to run, but my dam instincts must have over ridden everything else and I ran for it lol. But yes I love bears!!! Another thing that kills me is the fact that California use to be riddled with the Californian Brown Bear, only to be hunted to extinction. Sad.
  10. Medicine Al,

    I just got back from a backpacking trip in the black bear capital of the US.

    Bears are timid creatures. If they see a group of people they will most likely keep their distance or steer clear of them altogether.

    Personally I don't like using a bear bell, strapping a tin can to my pack, or any of that stuff.

    If you are confronted by a black bear you want to make yourself appear as large as possible, hold your ground, and make tons of noise. If you run, you are fucked. A black bear can outrun, outclimb, outswim, and overpower a human being. All we have on bears is mindpower. A standoff/stareoff with a black bear can be won, though.

    *Remember, black can climb.. brown cannot.

    If you come face to face with a brown bear, I feel sorry for you. Your only chance is going to be up a tree. Bear mace doesn't work. Some firecrackers might do the trick-- if you have the chance to light em up, that is.
  11. so basically, bears = death.
  12. remember that show where the dude went and lived with grizzlies? he fuckin loved grizzlies. and they ate him in his sleep. and know what? he KNEW it would happen. the last dude that went out there before him got eaten in his sleep too. a bear is basically a big hairy doghog. not a good combo
  13. Hahahah! They are so beautiful, though.

    Maybe something better admired from afar, in most cases.
  14. Here's a parable of bear manners.

    James (or John) Capen "Grizzly" Adams
    was born October 12, 1812 (according to his gravestone which also gives his first name as John) and died October 25, 1860, although many reports offer October 20, 1807 as his date of birth. (Correct if he was 53 when he died.) Discrepancies aside, Adams was most recently popularized by a television series in 1977, based on a motion picture from 1974, which was in turn based on a book written in 1973. Prior to this, a biography had been written about him after his death, and in his own time he was a famed United States outdoorsman and a performer/partner in P. T. Barnum's shows.
    Born in Medway, Massachusetts, Adams spent many years in the mountain ranges of the U.S. west (mainly California), living around animals and sometimes capturing them for zoos. He went to the mountains after having gone broke through a series of disappointments, and having left his wife and children behind. Adams's famous companion was a bear named "Ben" (short for Benjamin Franklin), who died in a zoo that Adams himself opened in San Francisco in the late 1850s.
    Adams made pets of several grizzlies and often wrestled with them. His most delinquent grizzly, named General Fremont (for John C. Fremont), during a playful wrestling match, struck Adams in the head, cracking it like an eggshell. The wound healed, only to be reopened by the "General". Although never fatal, by the fourth time the General severely injured James Adams' head, it left his brain exposed.
    Adams died at about 53 years of age of meningitis from the open head wound that resulted from an accident while training a monkey on tour with P.T. Barnum in 1860. He was buried in Bay Path Cemetery, Charlton, Massachusetts. It is said that P. T. Barnum paid for his tombstone.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    James "Grizzly" Adams, with his bear Benjamin Franklin

  15. knows his bears:


  16. I like bears, but they still scare me shitless.
  17. Black bears weigh between two and five hundred pounds. Brown bears weigh between three hundred and over a thousand pounds. Black bears run away from you, brown bears run at you. When attacked by a bear, simply lie still on the ground, and cover your face and head with your hands. When the bear is finished batting you around and mauling you, contact the U.S. Forest Service.

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