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Resonating, frequency, and vibration.

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by esseff, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Some people react when I use these words (the 'and' is usually fine) when describing some of the things I talk about.

    Why should this be I wonder? Is it because they think they have a connection with what is generally termed the 'new age' movement, which many have dismissed as wishy-washy and therefore everything that is said under its apparent banner must be connected to it?

    If that is true then I understand, but that doesn't mean it makes no sense not to use them. We are energy after all. The Universe is made of it. Every cell in our bodies contains atoms vibrating at a certain frequency. Everything is moving, vibrating, in some form or another. Water is only water because its molecules vibrate at a certain frequency, slow them down and it becomes what we call ice. No longer water, but it is still there. So why should applying the same terminology when describing our state of being, level of consciousness, cause them to be dismissed so easily?

    It makes sense that consciousness would not only resonate at a certain frequency, but be affected by the way we think, feel and act. It makes sense that our vibration would be affected by the way we feel as a result of the way others are towards us.

    Take music. It's all about frequency and vibration. And how important is music in most people's lives? It moves us, changes us, sometimes we can even feel its affects physically. We employ it in every aspect of our lives. And what is it? A collection of vibrations, frequencies, harmonics, that when put together a certain way affect us emotionally. Why should music do this?

    Whether you believe that consciousness is wholly generated from within the brain, or that there is some multidimensional aspect to who we are, shouldn't affect this idea fundamentally. But existing in a multidimensional way makes a lot of sense and would explain a few things if it were true. It would explain how we're able to experience and perceive in a very different way according to the frequency of our vibration, and why those who don't experience certain frequencies have a hard time accepting such a thing might be real.

    Those who never alter their consciousness may never understand what this actually means. Most people experience some kind of altered state when they take part in dangerous, adrenaline-fueled activities, or during naturally dangerous or fear-filled moments. It's the result of the rush that jumping out of a plane or off a bridge with a bungee cord for the first time brings. We know we can induce altered states ourselves chemically, psychedelically, and what we're effectively doing when we do this is resonating at a different frequency. Meditation is very effective at creating a space that isn't always easy to achieve without practicing it. This space, over time, creates a sense of presence, peace and well-being, which permeates throughout life, outside of any cannabis use, that has real benefits that are hard to achieve without it.

    To raise consciousness and thereby know ourselves better, we must consciously change frequency, that is the point of all this. When we one day start to resonate at the highest vibrations, we move closer towards becoming one with all that is. All that is, is all that is. It is where we came from and where we go back to. But what if we can know what this means in a way we've never understood before? Wouldn't that be something worth realising?
  2. If it can be more than a individual experience what would you like to see come of it. Try and explain it in practical sociological terms.
  3. I'm not sure I follow you. What makes you feel it could be more than an individual experience? Which bit made you feel this?
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    Arent we all the sum of our own individual experiences.? If you want to take us beyond the obvious then talk us through it.

    From a sociological perspective.
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    Ahh, wait a minute. I referred to the wrong bit. What would I like to see come of it? Come of what exactly?

    firstly, it is not an intellectual exercise for me to reveal this, it feels like it's something else. So perhaps it is meant to elicit an emotional rather than an intellectual response idk.

    second, I'm not resonating at the same frequency as I was when i wrote it, so we'd need to explore it together. I think of it as if it has been written by somebody else. Which reveals an interesting point.
  6. To gain access to this stuff, from wherever it comes from, I have to resonate at a certain frequency in order to be in a state where I see it and feel I need to reveal it. Otherwise why do I choose to talk about it in this way at this time?
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    Until I alter my consciousness, what I feel to say does not exist. Where was it? Was it there waiting but hidden? Or did it not exist until I'd gained access to where these things originate from?

    I don't walk around holding all these things - far from it. That would make me some kind of intellectual or something. I am not. I'm just someone interacting with you on the internet. Sometimes it even seems like I have something to say, but this is all fluff really. A means of putting something out there and seeing what it produces.

    I can't tell you how many things I write and DON'T post. In fact, if I don't do so, once they get saved, I usually forget all about them as they end up in a folder full of many many things.

    Some of the issue is, that where I write those things, is not where I write these things - there is no internet connection available there. This means that I cannot write and send as I might, but have to leave it until another time. This allows things to change, and by the time I can, I may not feel there's any reason to reveal it.
  8. Everything that exists in the moment is experiencing change?
  9. Nothing is still. All is in constant motion whether we're aware of it or not.

    This video pertains to everything I want to Input on the subject, he explains it with more sense than me and if I were to break it down and write a little paragraph explaining my interpretation is be sitting here for hours, just please what the video I've been wanting to talk to someone about it, none of my friends are into this kinda stuff so they're never able to sit through a documentary about science no matter how much weed we smoke in the process.

    Let me know what you think
    :raises one brow:
    :ponders the universe:
  11. The link address is invalid. Can you relink?
  12. Just look up athenes theory of everything on YouTube it's the first one, I get the same URL every time when I try to relink so yea

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