Resolution glass cleaner

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  1. I'm looking to clean a REALLY dirty bong. I've tried iso+salt but it's still pretty nasty. Anybody have any experience with ResOlution Glass Cleaner? I thinks it's a fairly new product.
  2. Clever...........ish??

  3. According to this guy it isnt any better then iso and salt
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  4. I've had luck with acetone on some pretty gnarly stuff

    you have to be careful using it though, since its noxious and can also strip some bake-on labels

    if you are stuck on that one ResOlution brand, how about you get some and post before and after pics here for us?!!

    good luck
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  5. Cuz it's advertisement.....:love-m3j:
  6. yea, probably maybe ;)
    sounds like the typical threads that get called out by ICG

    but my message still stands!

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