resisting the urge to tell.

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  1. so my mom has been really sick lately, she has asthma and on top of that bronchitis. we were driving in the car and all of a sudden i remembered that mj smoke expands your airways, and acts as an expectorant. basically the ultimate cough medicine. just as i was about to tell her this, i realized that i almost fucked myself over. i am going to tell my parents i smoke, but not until i move out, hopefully in a couple months.

    anybody else have to resist the urge to tell people you smoke, or how it could be beneficial to them?
  2. Smoking weed definitely isn't a good cough remedy, it could probably throw you into an asthma attack if you took a choker. Maybe edibles would work, but i still don't think weed is an ideal treatment for asthma
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    print out some info about mj expanding airways (if you can find any...) and the leave it laying around like on the kitchen counter or something

    and no, dont really have that urge hahh
  4. I've told my eldest sister and her boyfriend. I know my dad knows and he's cool about it but I haven't like openly told him I smoke.
  5. I tell my mom all the time that she needs to move back to a state with MMJ and get that instead of all the pills she takes.

    But then again, I don't live with my parents so that makes it easy. :p

    Plus, she pretty much agrees that it would be better for her. If only my dad would listen to reason. :poke:
  6. It also helps better then steroids for Crohn's Disease (what my stepdad is probably going to die from). Luckily for him he keeps a dugout in his truck
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    be like, "i know some people who smoke marijuana, and i researched into it out of curiousity, and..." if you don't want to come out about smoking.

    eh, that's my idea. possibly corny and might still make it obvious that you smoke. hmmm. its up to you.

    btw i have read that marijuana helps asthma. but i'm not an expert on that topic.
  8. Yeah, my mum's muscles tighten up in her legs and hips all the time and she's in pretty much constant pain. The acupuncturist or whatever is the only thing that helps because doctors can't find anything wrong. I keep telling her that weed is a very effective muscle relaxant but she's too ignorant to listen to me. Oh well, she's the one missing out.
  9. as soon as my mom was diagnosed with MS i told her about the benefits of MMJ.

    never came out that I smoke, but I've given her joints and edibles that I've made for her.

    So, its pretty obvious, but tbh I dont think she cares :D

  10. yeah man my buddy has asthma, he stopped smoking pot cause it made things worse. give your mom a new inhaler and then whip out a bowl and be like, '' yo lets smoke this shit"
  11. I've wanted to tell my bro for a while since I think it would be fun to blaze with him. Though seeing as how he's dating a cop right now might not be the best time
  12. did a school project on herbal/natural medicine not too long ago. went to the American Cancer Society website and their shit was pretty legit. just look under the natural medicine and go to marijuana. i do remember something about being beneficial to asthma though.
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    My great aunt wasted away from cancer. Not sharing what I know was the hardest thing I've (n)ever done and I can't say that I'm very proud of it.

    That side of my family is super-crazy-anal-stupid, though. My sense of self-preservation overwhelmed my compassion.

    Honestly, I might have said something but the cancer progressed to rapidly and now I'm just left feeling very petty. How do the people who keep this shit illegal sleep at night? Why do people without conscience end up making these decisions?

  14. lol i got asthma and i smoke weed everyday...if anything it helps cuz i barely notice it anymore compared to a couple years ago when i didnt blaze
  15. bake some edibles and offer her (one) dont put to much be faded but she will realize her suffering was aleviated for some time after..dont let her know whats in em i said dont put too much cuz she might think shes going
  16. Ever since my parents walked in on me and my gf rippin' a blunt, it hasn't really been a problem =\

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